Triple Challenges Pat McAfee For A Match against Adam Cole At NXT Takeover: XXX

Jitendra Jangir Thu Aug 06, 2020
Triple Challenges Pat McAfee For A Match against Adam Cole At NXT Takeover: XXX
As we earlier claimed that WWE is planning for a big trend taking Adam Cole Vs. Pat McAfee. Now, Triple has come out to lay down a huge challenge for Pat at NXT Takeover: XXX.

Triple took to his twitter and announced that he will be appearing on morning's ESPN GET UP to address the last night's incident.

While, appearing on ESPN GET UP, Triple H did not pass on a little time to lay down a challenge to Pat for a match against Adam Cole at NXT Takeover: XXX.

Triple H addressed, "Adam Cole and Pat McAfee about a history here in his one thing about that McAfee that everybody I think should understand he I didn't know this until after we'd been around him, but Pat grew up dreaming of being a WWE Superstar. It was everything he thought he would ever be when he was a kid. He ended up in the NFL. He ended up probably the most successful in toughest kickers in the LIE ever, but his dream was always to be in the WWE years ago we met and he became a commentator. ER for us very opinionated.

But as you know, and you've seen it in pass entire career in the NFL the spotlight is really what he craves being famous. It's all about Pat magazine. It's been that way when he was on a team that wasn't about the team that was about pad. It wasn't about he was about things like this jumping off the top of appear in the three-foot of water. So his name would chat he is a glory Hound he is somebody that craves the spotlight and that's a good thing.

But in this situation, Pat is craving the spotlight in the WWE and in NXT and he's doing it by going after Adam Cole because he got out of to bite on some comments and now he is in his head. This is where it becomes interesting Pat McAfee wants to be famous. He wants his name in lights. He wanted to trend on social media. I'm the guy that can make his dream come true so Pat now's your opportunity.

You want to be famous? Just so happens coincidentally as things happen in the WWE and then XD we have a big cake over pay-per-view in a few weeks, August 22nd NXT takeover 30. My call-out to Pat McAfee is put your money where your mouth is. Let's see how bad you are at McAfee versus Adam Cole on that stage massive match. Let's see what you got that. You think you're the tough guy there's gonna be no pads. There's going to be nobody kicking a ball.

All just going to beat you guys one-on-one going at it and my bed my bet. Is that while Pat can run his mouth well, and I'm sure he's a tough guy that he walks out with Adam cold boot sticking out of his butt."

Also note that Pat McAfee has not been online after putting up a statement over the incident. But we earlier told that all these things happening between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee, are just the part of WWE storyline. Pat McAfee will possibly be accepting the challenge.

Earlier it was announced that Pat McAfee rolling into NXT tonight to address confrontation with Adam Cole.

The former NXT Champion Adam Cole. As we know Cole dropped out of the interview after being pushed for most of the conversation by McAfee. The things turned into a hot exchange when Pat stated to him “kind of small.”

This prompted Cole to climb at McAfee, another person from the studio tried to opacify the circumstances, but Adam Cole Indeed shoved him saying "don't touch me", and then he walked out of there. Adam Cole issued an apology to anyone who has offended, Adam Cole said, "I'm embarrassed by my reaction, and I will make sure something like that never happens again,"

As we know, Pat McAfee earlier confirmed that he broke the conversation with Adam Cole, and now, They have calmed considerably ahead of tonight's main event.

But later on Tonight during NXT episode things went wild as Pat McAfee appeared with some unprofessional move on Adam Cole.

But who knows this was the silence before something big could happen at the show. During the Tag-Team Championship match between Undisputed Era Vs. Imperium, Adam Cole ran into an angry conversation with Pat. However, Adam Cole steeped back from there. Adam Cole once again turned around and took the bottle in order to throw the water on Pat. Shawn Michales and Triple H came out to resist both of them.

Pat said, no matter what he will always be a tiny, little, itty-bitty b---h for the rest of his life. Cole got furious and wanting to fight Pat. Triple H and Shawn saved them. McAfee ran up with a big punt kick to the face on the announce table. Triple H shoved out McAfee and ordered to got out of the arena. McAfee out of the arena as he yelled about how unprofessional this place is.

Pat McAfee took to his twitter and wrote the following statement, "How much was I supposed to take from this beta who is a MANIAC? Blows up on my show, breaks shit, pushes Ty. Then..I take time out of MY HONEYMOON, so we can hug it out. Then he LOSES HIS MIND AGAIN.. assaults me w/ a bottle & I’M THE 1 THAT GETS KICKED OUT? How’s that fair?"

Need to note that, In March 2018, McAfee was present at an NXT show in Indianapolis, where he prevented Adam Cole from winning by DQ in his match against Aleister Black. Instead, McAfee's distraction was enough time for Black to recover and hit Cole with his finisher, Black Mass.

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