UFC 246 | Conor McGregor knocks out Cowboy within 40 seconds

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 19, 2020
UFC 246 | Conor McGregor knocks out Cowboy within 40 seconds
The main event kicked off because the long time-awaited match was on the line, we have gone through the history behind these two fighters which tell us to grip our seats to watch the fight

Cowboy makes an entry in the octagon and completely ready for the fight, the cowboy is looking aggressive so let's what happens and the final time has come for your moment because the Notorious Conor has taken place in the field., he is getting ready for the fight, the most PPV fight in the UFC.

Assistants are getting them prepared and finally, they are in the action, both the fighters are looking with aggression on each other, commentators, recognized both of them, the crowd is getting more exciting as the chapter begins.

Conor McGregor and Cowboy stood tall to pick their best and here you are!! and the Conor is trying to grab terrain and Conor getting some punches in his face and kicks on the legs and Cerrone is started bleeding and lost his senses and finally Conor win this match in 40 seconds and after this Conor giving some respect to Conor and Conor saying thanks to his fans to cheer him and like always to motivate him for the fight and the more interest come out with the kind of questions about being stable in UFC and what plan and what fighter would you like to pick, the answer went to say that he is going to get harder on every present fighter when he pointed out all fighters who were sitting outside.

Conor has started his winning legacy and he is on his way to winning more victories with championships.and spreading his fear in the opponents and give a message to them that his going to reap every fighter

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