UFC 247 Live | Jon Jones Retains UFC Light Heavyweight Champion By Defeating Dominick Reyes

Anfostar Team Sun Feb 09, 2020
UFC 247 Live | Jon Jones Retains UFC Light Heavyweight Champion By Defeating Dominick Reyes
Welcome to Anfostar_Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hold the action back on the line which took place from inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas and featured a match between legendary light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and the undefeated contender Dominick Reyes in a highly-anticipated main event.

Light Heavyweight Contest

Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes

1. Round: In the first round Dominick Reyes hold his grip on Jon Jones as much as he could deliver by the instant right shot and a massive body kick which forced Jon Jones him to lay down on the ground, Jon Jones made his way up to the fight, but nothing could fetch for the champion as he continued to be dominative by his punches on chin. Head kick attempt blocked. 10-9 Reyes. It seemed that Dominick Reyes was victorious in the first round as the nice body shots and uppercuts show the results in the favor of Dominick Reyes.

2. Round: Dominick Reyes low kicks with a snap attack on Jones as he kept making in the first round, body kick. Jon Jones advance having a Low kick. It went for a while as Reyes went to make the on the high boost with the body jab which he leaned on him. Jones catches a low kick and lands a counter left.

3. Round: At the start of the third round They both looked to land low kicks. Sidekick from Jones then it came head kick from Reyes. lands a knee downstairs Sidekick from Jones, he passe by a body shot. In the third round, Jones assembled his strength to get back in the action. Jones landed a leg kick completing the fight the round at 10-9 Reyes.

4. Round: Dominick Reyes had his back to the return in the fight as he hooked the right hand of Jones. Two minutes to go Jones with a massive elbow on the break. Reyes looked to have labored, instead got body shots Low than a low kick from Jones. Reyes forced on a body shot and avoided a front kick. The final score for the fourth round was 10-9 Jones.

5. Round: The final hour had its way on, we saw Jones shot Reyes and got him down against the fence. Then it came to a massive elbow from Jones. Jones was looking to win the match as he uploaded low kick and body kick back to back on Reyes backing the fight in his favor. The final result for the fith and the final round was 10-9 Jones.

Winner: Jones defeated Reyes by unanimous decision

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