UFC 248 Results: Beneil Dariush Defeats Drakkar Klose By KO (Punch)

Anfostar Team Sun Mar 08, 2020
UFC 248 Results: Beneil Dariush Defeats Drakkar Klose By KO (Punch)
Welcome to Anfostar_UFC 248 streamed live from Toyota Center, Houston, Texas which featured, Beneil Dariush defeating Drakkar Klose. It took only one and half of the half-round to fetch the victory for Beneil Dariush. at the first round, Beneil Dariush was victorious but in the second round Drakkar Klose tried to back him down, meanwhile, Drakkar Klose got a little bit shook which brought Beneil Dariush in the back to back punches on him to pick the victory.

Round 1: Beneil Dariush grabbed Drakkar Klose from behind climbing on his back tired to two on one, now with more punches on Drakkar Klose, using his arm to let him finish. Drakkar Klose was trying to hook it off but nothing took for the relief. Drakkar Klose gotta get freed otherwise he would have been defeated. Drakkar Klose tried to hit the elbow Beneil Dariush so he could be freed away but too worked well

Round 2: Beneil Dariush with a leg kick on him to push him little back. Drakkar Klose put his trigger on to let him be on the defeat, but thing brought Beneil Dariush on boost as he started to take the advantages with back to back punches. Drakkar Klose finally got down to the defeat

Winner: Beneil Dariush def. Drakkar Klose by KO (punch)

At the exclusive conservation after winning the match Beneil Dariush explained about his last move that fetched victory for him, he said when someone tries to punch me down then it gives me more boost, give him back, sometimes it works and sometimes favours defeat for me but this time it worked for me.

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