UFC 248 Results: Israel Adesanya Defeats Yoel Romero To Retain UFC Middleweight Champion

Anfostar Team Sun Mar 08, 2020
UFC 248 Results: Israel Adesanya Defeats Yoel Romero To Retain UFC Middleweight Champion
Welcome to Anfostar_UFC 248 streamed live from Toyota Center, Houston, Texas which featured UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero. UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya made a sublime entrance in the traditional style. The moment we had been waiting for a long time.

Round 1: The first round kicked-off, Yoel Romero was in the defence move covering his head out hitting. They both were not prepared for the strick as the two minutes went down from the first round. Israel Adesanya to take his leg on him but it did not take a touch. Yoel with a massive right hand on Israel Adesanya. Fans were booing during the fight. 30 seconds went down but they did not take any risk. The first round went without any ups and downs.

Round 2: no one was taking the advances, Yoel Romero with a massive shot, Israel Adesanya kicked to the leg. another kick from Israel Adesanya, Yoel was looking for the defence all the way. Yoel took a risk and hit Israel Adesanya, apparently dragging back to the fence, he landed punches on Israel Adesanya, they got split. Israel Adesanya with a massive snapped leg kick on Yoel. The second round ended but it did not take a good ending according to the fans as they were booing.

Round 3: The third round kicked off, Israel Adesanya with a high fly kick but Yoel got away from it. They went for the exchange kicks, Israel Adesanya made Yoel slipped as he tried to take the advances, 2 minutes left in the third round. Israel Adesanya with a kick on head, both were managing the risk as well. Israel Adesanya landed another head kick. The third round got ended.

Round 4: The fourth round was on the line, Israel with a good kick, Yoel hit a knee kick but did not take a well land, fans were booing over and over. Yoel took a break from the fight as Israel hit him to the head, the right eye was not well as the doctor approached to check it up. The fight began, Yoel took Israel down to the ground landing a massive hand. 2 seconds left in the fourth round. Israel with a massive kick on Yoel to let him shake. Yoel led the fight with some of his moves. The fourth round got ended.

Round 5: The fifth and the final round was on the line, Yoel hit a powerful hand on Israel at the first. Israel with a low kick, 3 minutes left in the game. Israel was hooked in the lock for a shot of time. Israel looked a little week in the last round. 2 minutes left, Yoel hit a massive low kick which made Israel slip to the ground, he saved himself by escaping from the hits. The final round ended with an above kick from Yoel.

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