UFC 249 Greg Hardy Vs. Yorgan de Castro Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 10, 2020
UFC 249 Greg Hardy Vs. Yorgan de Castro Full Recap
The main card was all set to cook on with Greg Hardy vs. Yorgan de Castro on the line for the heavyweight bout, below is the full result of the fight. Greg Hardy had complete control in the all three rounds. Yorgan de Castro once attempted to bounce back but the victory seemed to be nowhere for him and finally Greg Hardy captured the victory.

Frist Round: Yorgan de Castro headed towards the Octagon to take up his fight against Greg Hardy who also followed the back appearance in the octagon. They both finally get to assemble inside the octagon. Yorgan de Castro with right hand on Hardy. Nic Low kick by Hardy went for the exchange of punches, Hardy took on a little control on Yorgan de Castro, beautiful Low kick by Yorgan de Castro, Hardy with a kick but Yorgan de Castro blocked it, Yorgan de Castro continued with some short of kicks on Hardy. We saw Hardy was heavily breathing, Hardy scratched Yorgan de Castro with massive hands, Yorgan de Castro looked a little escaped in the fight. We stopped for the first round completion

Second Round: Yorgan de Castro with Low kick on Hardy, Yorgan de Castro jumped for the hit but Hardy blocked it, 2 minutes left for the second round, Hardy with powerful Low Kick on Yorgan de Castro, 1:30 minutes left for the second round completion as they continued to circle around the Octagon. Hardy got a little bit harder on Yorgan de Castro. They split on the second round completion.

Third Round: Big right hand by Hardy, there was a beautiful Low kick by Yorgan, once again a Low Blow by Hardy as he continued to be proven dominative on Yorgan, Right hand by Yorgan. Hardy took down Yorgan as Hardy attacked on his leg, Yorgan was not getting up defencing against Hardy, the coaches urged him to get up. Yorgan finally set up the tune by getting up. We took the bout for third-round completion.

Winner : Greg Hardy, victory followed by unanimous decision

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