UFC 249 Henry Cejudo (c) Vs. Dominick Cruz Full Recap, Henry Cejudo Retires

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 10, 2020
UFC 249 Henry Cejudo (c) Vs. Dominick Cruz Full Recap, Henry Cejudo Retires
We were next up for the UFC Bantamweight Championship between Henry Cejudo (c) vs. Dominick Cruz. We saw Cruz heading towards the Octagon to face off Henry Cejudo. The official introduced both of them.

Frist Round: Henry Cejudo and Cruz looked to block each other by retreating, a beautiful leg kick by Henry Cejudo, Cruz tried to have leg but Henry Cejudo blocked it. 2 minutes went in the first round, Henry Cejudo took down Cruz but retreated in the fight, Henry Cejudo again took the control, while he was down. 2 minutes left in the first round. Henry Cejudo with right hand taking him a little back to the fence. Cruz loaded with big right hand on Henry Cejudo, a class of head there as Cruz took a little Henry Cejudo down. The First round got ended.

Second Round: We were ready for the second round, Cruz jumped out of making some shots but hit the right place. Henry Cejudo with Body Kick, Cruz with Low kick, right hand connected on Henry Cejudo, nice right hand by Cruz, Henry Cejudo with a kick, Henry Cejudo took Cruz near to the fence and landed a right hand. Cruz back to control as 1 left for the second round. Henry Cejudo lifting the momentum, later Cruz would land a massive right hand on Henry Cejudo as he started bleeding. The second round got ended

Third Round: We were up for the third round, Cruz prepared again with a few more punches, but suddenly, Henry Cejudo would take down Cruz and then went for back to back punches as the referee split them up. Henry Cejudo won the match by referee stoppage.

Winner : Henry Cejudo, victory followed by third-round referee stoppage

Henry Cejudo made the announcement that he has taken the decision to retire from UFC.

It was although considered to be a bad early referee stoppage. Event Cruz also made it clear that he is not happy with the fight.

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