UFC 249: Justin Gaethje Calls Out Khabib After Defeating Tony Ferguson

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 10, 2020
UFC 249: Justin Gaethje Calls Out Khabib After Defeating Tony Ferguson
Justin Gaethje is the new UFC Lightweight Champion as he defeats Tony Ferguson in an incredible fight. The fight took the complete five-round and finally Justin Gaethje was declared as the champion.

After the match Justin put his perception to say that "There's no other challenge I want right now. I want to fight Khabib".

After winning the match Khabib also took to his twitter to write down with "No Comments"

This could be the incredible fight, if we get to see both of them together in the Octagon.

Below is the full recap for Justin Gaethje Vs. Tony Ferguson.

The final showdown was up For the interim UFC Lightweight Championship between Justin Gaethje vs. Tony Ferguson.

Justin Gaethje walked down in the Octagon as for the first. It was the moment, we were waiting for a long time. The official introduced both of them.

Frist Round: The first round got started, Justin with a leg kick, Tony was able to land a body Kick but did not connect well. Nice right hand by Justin Gaethje, Tony tried to make the hit but got glitched by Justin Gaethje as he landed another right hand. A beautiful right again on Tony. Tow minutes left in the first round. Justin Gaethje with low kicks to Tony, Tony with a head kick on Justin Gaethje, Tony with another right hand. Justin Gaethje with tow back to back massive right hands-on Tony. The first round ended here.

Second Round: We were up for the second round!!!. Justin with the right hand, Justin was being so nasty by applying back to back low kicks, Low kick by Justin. Tony was completely taken under control. Beautifull left hand on Justin, Later, Justin landed a massive right hand on Tony. Just with Cross leg kick. Justin took everything in his control. Tony with Low kick. Tony with huge Uppercut on Justin at the end of the second round.

Third Round: Third round loaded on the line, Tony with Head kick, Tony took a little control in the fight, Tony's right eye got swelled as we could clearly see it through. Three minutes left in the second round. Justin with a massive right hand taking him a little aback. Justin continued to make his streak in gear. One minute left in the third round. Justin with another right hand on Tony. The third round got ended here

Fourth Round: The Fourth round was on the line, Tony with Low kick, Tony wheel kick but Justin countered that, Justin with left hand landing the clean shots. 3 minutes left in the 4th round. Justin with beautiful leg kick on the stomach. Tony got a little shake as Justin dragged him through the Octagon. The referee broke them up for a little and they continued with a little break. Justin with Low kick taking Tony out of the match almost. Head Kick by Justin as the fourth round got ended here.

Fith Round: Justin with Low kick, they went circulating inside the Octagon, Tony with back to back right and left hands on Tony. This was an amazing fight by Justin and it looked that Justin would be the winner. Justin took down Tony with a massive right hand. Tony rolled throughout to dodge Justin but all set. Justin pushed Tony back. Tony look to be out of control as Justin landed another right hand on Tony. Justin finally, got the victory at the end of the fifth round.

Winner : Justin Gaethje and the new UFC Lightweight Champion

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