UFC 249 News: Khabib Numagomedov Is Eager To Know The New Lcation For The Fight

Anfostar Team Thu Mar 19, 2020
UFC 249 News: Khabib Numagomedov Is Eager To Know The New Lcation For The Fight
Welcome to Anfostar_With shows being cancelled across the world due to Coronavirus outbreak but Khabib vs. Ferguson is still remaining on the same date. However, the show will take place from, where it was first supposed to be at. While, we have sensed that Khabib is willing to go wherever they’ll be allowed, so long as he’s able to fight.

Although Khabib stands for what's going on in the world, but also eager to find out the new location for the fight, he is going to face off Tony Ferguson in a lightweight Championship match.

The company announced Monday that all events through April 11 are cancelled. UFC is trying to put their possible efforts into making the brand going on, but they are bound to go back due to a Pandemic which is gripping the whole world in its hold of destruction.

On the cancellation of the place, Khabib said Anyplace, I don't care' where Tony Ferguson fight happens. As it revealed by MMA that “Honestly I don’t care,” Khabbib said this line “It’s going to be good if the fight happens in the U.S. because I am here already for like a one-and-a-half month. I’ve been training, and from this day we have like 30 days before the fight. Almost one month, and it’s going to be very good if we fight here in the U.S. But if not, any place. Any place, I don’t care.”

Khabib regarded the health as the first to be taken care, and he is expecting Dana to announce the location as soon as it could be for him. He said “Next couple of days Dana is going to send us the location. Close the arena, 100 healthy people come inside and make the show. Put the camera, turn on pay-per-view and all of us can make money, everyone can fight. People who have quarantine and sit home, they have fun, they watch fights. Fighters go to the arena, they have fun, they do their job." HABIB NURMAGO

"I hope the fight is going to happen. This is a very important fight because the lightweight division has to move. We have to move. Right now in the lightweight division, there's a couple of guys with the six-win streak, seven-win streak. A lot of contenders come. I don't want to hang the lightweight division. We want to fight with Tony Ferguson."

Khabib is unstoppable with his winning streak whereby he has never faced any defeat in his sofar MMA career.

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