UFC 249 News: Khabib vs. Tony Gets Cancelled For The Fifth Time Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Anfostar Team Mon Mar 30, 2020
UFC 249 News: Khabib vs. Tony Gets Cancelled For The Fifth Time Due To Coronavirus Pandemic
Welcome to Anfostar_The much-awaited fight of the years is now seems to go through the cancellation for the fifth time. UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov appeared on Instagram Live on Monday to explain his current situation and disclosed that he is currently stuck in his native Dagestan as he plans to travel to the United Arab Emirates for UFC 249 hit travel restriction issues.

Khabib vs. Tony has been scheduled 5x:1st time: Khabib gets injured, second time: Tony gets injured, thrid time: Khabib doesn’t make the weight scale, forth time: Tony gets injured, and the fifth time: The Coronavirus

With shows being cancelled across the world due to Coronavirus outbreak but Khabib vs. Ferguson is still remaining on the same date. but this seems he will not be making his fight going on due to travel hardship However, the show will take place from, where it was first supposed to be at. Earlier we sensed that Khabib was willing to go wherever they’ll be allowed, so long as he’s able to fight.

Now the Russian has come into the term for a national travel lockdown and revealed the UFC is considering moving ahead with the event without him.

Nurmagomedov suggested that UFC 249 may still go ahead without him and said he had heard UFC officials were considering alternative opponent options for Ferguson.

“So now I am hearing that they are looking to organize it with or without me. OK, go ahead,” he said. “Everyone should follow the laws. I am not against it. I know that fighters need to feed their families and pay their bills. I know how hard it is for the fighter. Unless they fight, they aren’t getting any money.

“I am even hearing that they are looking for an opponent for Tony because he is in the States and I am here in Russia. But I am here not on my own will. The UFC told me that this fight 100 per cent isn’t happening in the USA, and even if it’s not happening in the Emirates, it will happen on this side of (the) Atlantic. We discussed everything with the UFC. By that time, I already spent five weeks of hard training at AKA.

“Now I don’t really know what’s going on. It’s really hard to train and cut your weight when the whole world is locked down and you don’t know what you are preparing for. But it’s not the first time I face obstacles in my career.”

Khabib vs. Tony was supposed to take place on Sat, Apr 18, 2020, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Later the UFC decide to change the location with date going through no changes. While Dana White has still not taken any decision on the location-set but not it seems that the fans will not get once again what they wanted to see.

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