UFC 250: Amanda Nunes (c) vs. Felicia Spencer Full Recap, Amanda Nunes Retains

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jun 07, 2020
UFC 250: Amanda Nunes (c) vs. Felicia Spencer Full Recap, Amanda Nunes Retains
Felicia Spencer made her way up the ring for her fight against the champion Amanda Nunes (c). The savages made her entrance up next. The official make them know with the introduction.

Round 1: The first round was on the line, Amanda with a low kick, Felicia Spencer strike to take her back, Amanda jaw kick making her way out, Amanda with a head kick, Felicia Spencer caught her for the lock but Amanda took her down with buzzer kick, Amanda continued with the lock and landed some kicks. Felicia Spencer was on the try to break the hold but could do so, Felicia Spencer was breathing heavily. The elbow got through, Amanda with Elbow attack while, Felicia Spencer was down. It was hard for Felicia Spencer to get out of the hold. We went for the first round end.

Round 2: The second round was up, Amanda with a big right hand but Felicia Spencer blocked it, Amanda hit a punch with good timing, the exchange of punch from both, Amanda with a low kick, the right hand by Amanda. Felicia Spencer with defense, beautiful takedown by Amanda, Felicia Spencer back to her feet. Amanda with soundly punch, she was blowing up the fight, Spinning Elbow attack by Amanda, 30 seconds to go in the second round, high kicks by Felicia Spencer, they ended the round with respective way.

Round 3: We went for the third round, good knee by Felicia Spencer, Amanda with the big right hand over the top of Felicia Spencer, Felicia Spencer got rocked up with a big right hand, Amanda again with the right hand, she continued beating on!!!. Amanda caught Felicia Spencer leg and got her down, Amanda let her go to get up. Head kick by Amanda, It looked that Amanda would go to defend her title at easy stake, nasty upper kick by Amanda, another low kick by Amanda.

Round 4: We turned for the fourth round, let's Felicia Spencer could muster up in the fight, exchange of leg kicks by both, Amanda with the right hand, there was no way for Felicia Spencer to win the fight, there was no touching from Felicia Spencer, Amanda was shooting savagely, Amanda took down Felicia Spencer with a kick, Felicia Spencer look to get up with right time, she finally got up, Ohhh!! back to back big right hands looking make the end of the fight. Amanda with the submission move, the round got ended.

Round 5: Amanda took the complete control over Felicia Spencer and the possible winner, Amanda with a kick to take down Felicia Spencer, she continued to land the kicks, It was hard for Felicia Spencer to get up, apparently, she handed over the fight to Amanda, Felicia Spencer was completely blooding through the face. Amanda let go the brake, Felicia Spencer was still taking the fight, meanwhile, the referee stopped them and had a medic consult, the was on the line again, Amanda taking the back to offense. The fifth round got ended.

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