UFC 250: Neil Magny Vs. Anthony Rocco Martin Full Recap, Neil Magny Picks The Win

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jun 07, 2020
UFC 250: Neil Magny Vs. Anthony Rocco Martin Full Recap, Neil Magny Picks The Win
Anthony Rocco Martin made his way up to the octagon to pick up his bout against Neil Magny. Neil followed the entrance to the Octagon. The official make them know with the introduction.

Round 1: The first round was on the line, Anthony Rocco Martin with hits and held a back hold scratching through the fence, Neil tried to break the lock but could bring the help from nowhere, a huge lock by Anthony Rocco Martin continued the fight, Anthony Rocco Martin finally let him out of the lock, Neil with good low kicks, Anthony Rocco Martin with a low kick, they both went for the low kicks to each other, Anthony Rocco Martin again with a lock, they broke it up and we went for the first round end.

Round 2: We were up for the second round action, both with the counters move, Anthony Rocco Martin with a right hand that could blow it up, Anthony Rocco Martin with right hand taking him in a little damage, Anthony Rocco Martin caught Neil and took him down on the ground with the under hook, Neil back to his feet, everything back to easy, now they fought near the fence with a lock, both with the Body shots, Anthony Rocco Martin with the big right hand, The second round was on the line to the end, Neil with some kicks and they got split for the second round end.

Round 3: The third round was on the line, Neil put some perfection, Neil block some kicks coming out from Anthony Rocco, Neil with a nice right hand and caught him with the nice strategy, they split up, 3 minutes to go in the fight, Neil was looking a bit observative with the victory as he continued to take him down, Neil again with the big right hand and made the armbar, Anthony Rocco was trying to survive in the fight, Neil with big right hand taking the complete dominance. Third round got ended, it looked that Neil would be the winner with our prediction but let's see the official results.

Winner: Neil Magny, victory followed by unanimous decision(30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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Image Credit: UFC

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