UFC 251: Alexander Volkanovski (c) vs. Max Holloway Full Match, Alexander Retains The Title

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 12, 2020
UFC 251: Alexander Volkanovski (c) vs. Max Holloway Full Match, Alexander Retains The Title
Max Holloway makes his way towards the octagon, Alexander Volkanovski (c) walks down to defend the UFC Featherweight Championship. The official introduces both the competitors as they prepare for the fight.

Round First: Alexander Volkanovski with a low kick, both with the counter, no one taking the high risk as they want to take the fight safely, Alexander Volkanovski with the beautiful right hand, Max with some funny way, nice right hand by Alexander Volkanovski as it touches to the top of the neck. Huge head kick from Max taking Alexander Volkanovski down as the first round gets ended.

Round Second: The second round comes up, Alexander Volkanovski doubles up with low kicks, a lazy combination from Max. No high risk from both. Max with a high kick to the head, Alexander Volkanovski fires back with a kick to the head, but Max gets a major focus in the fight. Both with the low kicks. Both deals with the leg kicks, one minute to go in the first round. Max with a beautiful knee. Max with a huge uppercut to give a little jolt on Alexander Volkanovski as the second round gets ended. It was another nice round for Max.

Round Third: Low kicks open up the third round, Max with a high kick to Alexander Volkanovski. Max looks a little in the proper lead. That was good as Alexander Volkanovski landed a shot on Max's eye. Alexander Volkanovski takes Max near to the fence in the clutch position. Max with Knee attack to the body of Alexander Volkanovski getting out of the hook. Alexander Volkanovski gets the fight in a calm way. Max with another sidekick, Alexander Volkanovski bounce back with some shots to the head as the third gets ended.

Round Fourth: The round opens with Alexander Volkanovski landing a shot on Max, Dubble low kicks from Alexander Volkanovski. Max gets some right hands. Nice uppercut from Max, Max with another low kick, Alexander Volkanovski with a push and takes down Max, but could not sustain it longer as Max gets up, Max with nice uppercuts, Alexander Volkanovski also getting affected in the fight, the fourth round gets needed as Max landed a right hand to Alexander Volkanovski.

Round Fifth: The final round of the fight comes up with Max landing a high kick to Alexander Volkanovski. Max with uppercuts and right back with a head kick, this could be the end with Max as the new Champ. nice right hand by Alexander Volkanovski. Max landed it back. Three minutes to go. Head kicks from both. Alexander Volkanovski needs to finish the fight if he wants to win the fight. Max with right hands taking Alexander Volkanovski back, Alexander Volkanovski blows some right hands. Alexander Volkanovski with a nice trick to takedown Max. Max gets up quickly with his left hand on Alexander Volkanovski. We saw Alexander Volkanovski was in the pressure. Alexander Volkanovski looks for the takedown but Max gets out, Alexander Volkanovski with clutch and takedown Max as the fight gets ended. We could stipulate Max as the new winner.

Winner : Alexander Volkanovski, victory followed by Split Decision.

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