UFC 251: Petr Yan Vs. José Aldo Full Match Recap, Petr Yan Becomes The New Bantamweight Champion

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 12, 2020
UFC 251: Petr Yan Vs. José Aldo Full Match Recap, Petr Yan Becomes The New Bantamweight Champion
José Aldo makes his way out as for the first to destine his career with UFC Bantamweight Championship?. Aldo waits into the octagon. Petr Yan is up next to make his way out in the octagon. The Offical introduces both the completers as they prepare for the fight.

Round First: The first round opens up with low kick from Petr Yan, Also with a low kick, Petr Yan makes a huge right-hand shake Adlo a little, Also with body shots, the speed from both the completers was awesome, Petr Yan looks for the head kick but Also gets away from it, Petr Yan with a little blurry kick, once a minute to go in the first round, Petr Yan with a beautiful right hand and takes him down, Petr Yan continues to land the kicks while Aldo is down, Also pushes Petr Yan with kicks but Petr Yan once again gets it as the first round gets ended.

Round Second: The Second round is on the line, Aldo with a low kick, low kick once again from Aldo, both were going under the good defense, Petr Yan pushes Aldo back with a hit, once again Petr Yan with the left hand. Aldo with a beautiful high kick, low kick from Petr Yan. Hight kick from Also, the second round is on the line for the end. No high risk in the second round.

Round Third: The third round begins, as Petr Yan with a nice sidekick, Petr Yan with nice right hand looking a little better than Also, Inside leg kick from Petr Yan, Aldo with the huge left hand and takes Petr Yan towards the fence for the hits. Petr Yan fired back pushing Aldo back to the middle. Less than three minutes to go in the third round. Petr Yan with the big right hand, looks that Petr Yan is going to be the winner with the way he was fighting and countering against Also. Beautiful elbow from Petr Yan. Both with head position what a hit from Aldo as the third round gets ended.

Round Fourth: Both with the clutch, Petr Yan with a body kick, Aldo with a body shot to Petr Yan. Aldo with another knee strick, Aldo with uppercut getting the lead in the fight, Petr Yan with clutch trying to take down Aldo but great counter from Aldo, Petr Yan with a high kick, nice body kicks and uppercut from Petr Yan. Petr Yan with a big right hand and takes Aldo down, Petr Yan continues to land the shots as Aldo down. Petr Yan with a big left, Petr Yan is snaking Aldo's head with big right hands. the third round gets ended with it.

Round Fifth: Petr Yan with the big right hand at the opening of the fifth round and takes Also down near to the fence, Petr Yan looks for the quick end as he continues to land the shots, Also with the try to make the out, but Petr Yan lashing the shots, Petr Yan with heavy shots, the referee was just about to end the fight but Aldo counters it. Petr Yan runs rough with the continuous shots on the head also Aldo bleed all around his head. Finally, the referee stops the fight with Petr Yan as the winner.

Winner : Petr Yan, victory followed by TKO and the new UFC Bantamweight Champion

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