UFC FIght Night: Molly McCann Vs. Talia Santos Full FIght, Talia Santos Wins The FIght

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 16, 2020
UFC FIght Night: Molly McCann Vs. Talia Santos Full FIght, Talia Santos Wins The FIght
Talia Santos had some nice takedowns which brought her a victory over Molly. However, Molly showed up good streak but could sustain it the next. That's why Talia Santos as the winner.

Round First: Talia Santos firing up with head kick but could not get the touch, she needed to have. Talia Santos with a low kick, Molly with the right hand, Talia Santos with knee strick to the head, the referee approach to stop them and had some explaining with Talia Santos, as the fight once again took place, Talia Santos with a knee to head, right hand by Molly, Body kick by Talia Santos as they were in the clinch. Talia Santos took her down, Molly back to her feet, they both started bleeding, Talia Santos continued the clinch near to the fence. Talia Santos with another takedown as the round first ended.

Round second: The round opened up, Talia Santos with a body kick, as Molly grabbed her legs looking for the takedown, Molly scratching Talia Santos through the fence, Big kick to the body from Talia Santos. Nice takedown from Talia Santos. Molly had her try to make it out of the takedown. The lock looked too tight to break it up. Finally Molly up to her feet but instantly, Talia Santos with another takedown. A couple of takedowns could led Talia Santos to the victory, the round second ended.

Round Third: Talia Santos with a kick to the head, no risk from both of them, Talia Santos trying to have takedown with body lock on the line and once again she got the takedown. This was the clear victory with Talia Santos as the winner, Molly got out of the takedown, but once again Talia Santos had takedown, Molly was doing everything she could do get out of the lock. Talia Santos with some shots on Molly's head while she was down as the round got ended.

Winner : Talia Santos, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

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