UFC Fight Night: Abdul Razak Alhassan Vs. Mounir Lazzez Full Match, Mounir Lazzez Pick The Victory

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 16, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Abdul Razak Alhassan Vs. Mounir Lazzez Full Match, Mounir Lazzez Pick The Victory
Mounir Lazzez makes his way out into the octagon, he was followed by Abdul Razak Alhassan. The official introduced both the competitors as they prepared for the fight.

Round First: The first round was on the line, Mounir Lazzez with a low kick, Abdul with a shot to his head, Mounir Lazzez with head movement, Abdul was getting him smashed, Mounir Lazzez with head kick, Abdul with some Body shots near to the fence, Nice elbow from Mounir Lazzez, and then a head kick, Mounir Lazzez with knee strick, taking a slight control in the first round. Mounir Lazzez with low kick, couple of the low kick, and then a head kick from Mounir Lazzez. Low kick came from Abdul, Abdul with back to back headshots, Mounir Lazzez took Abdul down, as the first round got ended.

Round Second: The second round opened up with Mounir Lazzez landing low kicks to Abdul, Mounir Lazzez went back and forth driving Adul into he fence, Abdul fired back not letting the end of the fight, Mounir Lazzez grabbed the leg and took him down making the second takedown in the fight, Abdul with a try to get out of the lock but could not proceed, Mounir Lazzez lightened the lock at the instruction of the referee, Mounir Lazzez now backing Abdul with right hands making another takedown. Abdul, with his right hand around Mounir Lazzez's neck, the referee called them to split up, as the second round got ended.

Round Third: The third round opens up with a low kick from Mounir Lazzez. both with exchanges of low kicks, Abdul with the knee right on the chine, making the nice takedown, Mounir Lazzez soon back to his feet but still in the control of Abdul, Takedown from Abdul with his hand around Mounir Lazzez's neck, Mounir Lazzez now took the control on Abdul as the takedown continued to take up. A nice get-up from Abdul, and went with back to back right and left hands as the referee made the stoppage with the round finish.

Winner : Mounir Lazzez, victory followed by by Unanimous Decision[(30-27 x 2, 29-28)]

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