UFC Fight Night: Anthony Smith Vs. Glover Teixeira Winner, Live Update

Jitendra Jangir Thu May 14, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Anthony Smith Vs. Glover Teixeira Winner, Live Update
There seemed to be different intensity in the eyes of Anthony Smith as he entered the Octagon.

Now, UFC on ESPN: Smith vs. Teixeira finally takes place on May 13, 2020, at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

The official introduced both of them.

Round 1: Smith with a nice kick on Teixeira, Smith with another head kick on Teixeira, Smith block some kicks from Teixeira, Smith now with a leg kick, Teixeira takes Smith back to the face and caught him by the leg but the referee split them up, Teixeira with few kicks taking a little back in the fight. Smith went for the break as he was not feeling batter with his knees. Here we go, Smith with the big right hand, Smith with knee stick but Teixeira blocks it. Great kicks from Smith, now with a high leg kick by Smith. continues to counter back, Teixeira takes Smith a little aback with punches. The first round got ended.

Round 2: The second round was on the line, Teixeira and smith goes toe to toe with exchange punches, Teixeira closed the distance by taking Smith back to the fence with punches, now smith takes some hits with leg, fight at the middle, Smith with a left hand on Teixeira's left eyes. Teixeira takes a big lead in the bout by taking Smith under the massive hits with hands. It looked that Teixeira was possibly going to be the winner. Teixeira continues with back kick on Smith. The second round get ended.

Round 3: The second round was on the line, Teixeira with uppercuts, another big right hand to take Smith down on the ground, Teixeira completely got to capture Smith under his body. Teixeira continues to land hits on Smith as he was in the complete console of Teixeira. Smith comes back into the fight by break the hold, but Teixeira again holds him back in a chain, Teixeira with a bunch of punches on his face, Smith starts bleeding by the ear. It was hard to survive for Smith. The third round got ended with Teixeira in the lead.

Round 4: Huge uppercut by Teixeira. Smith covers, Teixeira takes him down again with a massive right hand. Teixeira again takes Smith in his hold. They split up, It was hard to survive for Smith as they started to feel weak. Teixeira again with hook on Smith. There was no way for Smith to get back into the fight. The fourth round got ended.

Round 5: The final round was on the line, Teixeira again with the same kind of hold, Teixeira atop of Smith and takes back to back punches on his face. Finally, The referee declared Teixeira as the winner.

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