UFC Fight Night: Calvin Kattar Vs. Dan Ige Full FIght Recap, Calvin Kattar Gets The Victory

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 16, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Calvin Kattar Vs. Dan Ige Full FIght Recap, Calvin Kattar Gets The Victory
Round First: No touch at the beginning, Dan Ige fought for the first with a right hand, three minutes to go, Body Shot from Katter, nice body shots from Katter, Dan Ige was taken down, but was able to get back up on his feet, Katter with a front kick. Nice fist right to the chin from Dan, a nicely done takedown from Katter, Dan soon back to his feet, good shots on the head by Katter, beautiful left and right hand by Katter, once again Katter with more left hands and uppercut as the first round ended.

Round Second: Katter was way more careful against Dan Ige looking to take no risk. Nice low kick from Ige and then back to back Body shots. speedily Ige landed left hand. Beautiful shot on the head, but got nice knee attack from Katter, the round second ended.

Round Third: Really nice kick from Ige opening the fight, Ige caught Katter for low kick, Ige looked to be up in the last two rounds, Body shots by Ige, three minutes to go in the third round end. Katter fired back landing some shots on head. Nice work from Katter as comes up with nice right hands, Nice leg kick from Katter, 30 seconds to go, the round third ended.

Round Fourth: The round 4th round was on the line, nice head movement from Dan Ige, we saw Ige with a nice takedown, but batter came from Katter as he got up quickly, nice shot landed by Katter, once again once takedown from Katter, approving some elbow. Dan way back to his feet, Superman punch but could not connect it in the right way, Nice butt to the head, 2 minutes to go. Very nicely landed low kick from Katter, upper but went missed by later, Ige with stick as the fourth round ended here.

Round Fifth: The final round of the fight was one the line, nicely landed the right hand by Katter, left hand from Ige, the fight looked very close with both the fighters, both delivered their full strength to win the fight, Ige seemed to take led which is why he could be picked as the winner of the fight. Katter with knee stick backing Ige into the fence. Ige with body shots, nice knee from Katter, and went back and forth making a good led in the fight, this could be the change for Katter.

Winner : Calvin Kattar, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (49-46 x 2, 48-47)

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