UFC Fight Night: Charles Rosa vs. Kevin Aguilar Full Recap(June 13, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jun 14, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Charles Rosa vs. Kevin Aguilar Full Recap(June 13, 2020)
An Intense bout to choose the winner, both were having the good shots. Charles Rosa looked very impressive with the way he was taking the fight and that's he won the fight.

Round 1st: The first round was on the line, Charles Rosa with a kick but got slipt on the ground. Kevin some rough shots, Charles Rosa with low kicks, Charles Rosa with a high kick but could make the touch. No one was taking the chance to get the lead, Charles Rosa with some nice low kicks, The first round was on the verge to end, Charles Rosa had the takedown but soon Kevin made it back with no causes. The first round ended.

Round 2nd: The round second continued, Charles Rosa with big left kick and went back and forth. Charles Rosa with a big right kick, a big right kick by Kevin, some good shots from Kevin making way back in the fight, a heavy shot from Rosa. The second round got ended.

Round 3rd: Rosa was bleeding from the forehead, Rosa with a head kick, Kevin looked to be impressive in this round. A Nice flip from Rosa, the final three minutes were on the line. Rosa with nice punch and then a kick right to the face. Kevin with body shots, Kevin got a head kick from Rosa. Kevin with nice right-hand shots, they went for the clutch but got broken up soon. The final round got ended.

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Image Credit: UFC

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