UFC Fight Night, Dan Ige Vs. Edson Barboza Full Recap, Dan Ige Takes Up The Win

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 17, 2020
UFC Fight Night, Dan Ige Vs. Edson Barboza Full Recap, Dan Ige  Takes Up The Win
Edson Barboza looked very impressive in the first two rounds but in the third round Dan took a massive backup and finally defeated Edson Barboza by Split decision(29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Round 1: In the first round we saw Edson Barboza launching some massive punches right on Dan's face. Edson Barboza took down Dan and landed back to back hits, Dab somehow survived from the hold. Edson Barboza with leg kick ended the first round.

Round 2: The second round got started with Dan backing Edson Barboza with the zest of his hands, Dan with low kick takes a little back, Dan with a head kick and takes him towards the fence, Edson Barboza started bleeding, Dan with a nice body kick, they split up. Dan with a nice couple of nice shots. Edson Barboza with a kick on Dan's head and then an elbow. Edson Barboza takes down Dan near to the fence while Dan was down in the hold of Edson Barboza. Dan finds the ways to survive from the hold. Edson Barboza again caught him at the midsection and landed back to back massive hits as the second round got ended.

Round 3: The third round was on the line, Edson Barboza with a low kick, Edson Barboza with a nice body shot, Dan got a little back in the fight with the third round, Dan takes down Edson Barboza near to the fence and savagely added some shots, Edson Barboza tried to get back up but he could not find the way out, the third round got ended as we looked for the results

After the fight they both happily talked, treating each other.

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