UFC Fight Night: Jessica Eye vs. Cynthia Calvillo Full Recap(June 13, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jun 14, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Jessica Eye vs. Cynthia Calvillo Full Recap(June 13, 2020)
Nice efforts put Jessica Eye on the victory side. She didn't leave any choice for Eye to win the match as the continued the dominance with beautiful 4 to five takedowns.

We went for our main event of the night Jessica Eye vs. Cynthia Calvillo. Cynthia Calvillo walked down to the octagon as for the fist to face off Jessica Eye.

Round 1st: The first round was on the line, nice uppercut by Cynthia Calvillo, Eye with a nice hand, the exchange of punches. Cynthia Calvillo with a nice kick to the head, Eye handled the situation backing to the fight, Eye with a nice hit, Cynthia Calvillo was making the counter, Cynthia Calvillo with a kick but caught by Eye with the counter. Eye let it go and made the fightback on the line. Nice hits from Eye. The first round got ended with this.

Round 2nd: The second round was on the line, left hand by Eye, Cynthia Calvillo also had some shots back in the fight, Cynthia Calvillo took down Eye near to the fight, Eye with a try to break the hold but Cynthia Calvillo continued to make the dominance as well as landed some shots while she was down, Eye back on her feet but still in the control of Cynthia Calvillo. Eye with roll and we saw Cynthia Calvillo on the back of Eye with a grip. Eye looked to be under the hook making no response, Cynthia Calvillo landed some shots, Eye continued to land the shots in the grip and we went for the second round end.

Round 3rd: In the third round, they went back and forth, a kicking game from both, Cynthia Calvillo with a nice shot to face, Eye landed a left hand. Eye now with a big right hand making her in the fight. a Nice right hand by Cynthia Calvillo. Eye backfired with right hand, soon Cynthia Calvillo with the same takedown as she did in the second round. Eye slightly efforted to back on her feet. The round number three got ended.

Round 4: Round 4 headed next up, Cynthia Calvillo seemed to be the winner going through the sofar results, Cynthia Calvillo with a takedown she did the same in back, Cynthia Calvillo launched some headshots while, Eye was down in the grab. Cynthia Calvillo just wanted to send the time so not letting Eye to get up. Eye back on her feet with a nice attempt, Cynthia Calvillo again tried to make the takedown but this time Eye skipped it. The fourth round got the closing.

Round 5: Cynthia Calvillo was looking more confident and comfortable with the way she was fighting, Eye with a nice body kick and then a punch on the head. Cynthia Calvillo with a big right hand and got it back from Eye. Cynthia Calvillo stabbing elbow to Eye, Cynthia Calvillo looked to be the winner with the way she was having the punches. the final two minutes. Nice shots from Eye, Cynthia Calvillo with a snap takedown landing the shots, Eye was quick to make the response with stand-up. The end of the fifth and the final round.

Winners : Cynthia Calvillo , victory followed by by Unanimous Decision(49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

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