UFC Fight Night: Jimmie Rivera Vs. Cody Stamann Full Fight, Jimmie Rivera Picks Up The Win

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 16, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Jimmie Rivera Vs. Cody Stamann Full Fight, Jimmie Rivera Picks Up The Win
both the fighters were on the close lock of victory as they went on to show up what they could deliver through the fight. Below check out the full recap.

Round First: The round first round opened up with a low kick from Jimmie Rivera, that was a massive smack from Jimmie Rivera. Inside leg kick for Cody, Nice body shots by Jimmie Rivera. Cody with a nice takedown, Jimmie Rivera back up to his feet, Cody with some right hands. Jimmie Rivera with a takedown, Cody was able to back on his feet and grabbed Jimmie Rivera stomping on his feet. Cody was not letting him go. The referee broke the lock as they once again prepared. Nice right hand but more beautifully countered by Jimmie Rivera. The round first ended.

Round Second: The round second opens up,with a grip from Cody on Jimmie Rivera, Cody could not let it go. They got 50-50 grip, Jimmie Rivera with a nice turn to takeover Cody. A lot of grabs in the fight, Cody with big right hand getting out of the clinch. Jimmie Rivera was putting everything he could do to make the led in the fight, Cody with nice body shots. Big connection by Jimmie Rivera, beautiful shot by Cody. The round ended.

Round Third: The final round was on the line, Cody looked for the takedown, but Jimmie Rivera fought back up gripping. Both back to middle. Good shot from Jimmie Rivera but Cody caught the leg looking for the takedown, Jimmie Rivera with body shots trying to get out of the clinch. Once again back to the middle of the ring. 30 seconds left. beautiful left hand as the fight ended.

Winner : Jimmie Rivera, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

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