UFC Fight Night Kattar Vs. Ige Results July 15, 2020: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 16, 2020
UFC Fight Night Kattar Vs. Ige Results July 15, 2020: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners
UFC Fight Night Kattar Vs. Ige takes place on July 15th, 2020, Appearing on First Take, UFC President Dana White revealed Yas Island in Abu Dhabi to be the location of 'Fight Island'.

UFC Featherweight bout between Ige Vs. Katter in the main card Plush.

Main Card Date and Time starts on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, at 10:00 PM (ET), Wednesday at 3:00 AM (UK), and Thursday 12 July 2020 at 7:30 AM (IST)

Preliminary Card Date and Time starts on Wednesday, July 11, 2020, at 7:00 PM (ET), Wednesday at 12:00 AM (UK), and Thursday, 12 July 2020 at 5:30 AM (IST)

Main card Results...

Featherweight Bout

Calvin Kattar vs Dan Ige

Winner : ...

Flyweight Bout

Tim Elliott Vs. Ryan Benoit

Round First : Nice movement of head from both the fighters with no risk. Tim Elliott trying to land the left leg but could get the touch he wanted to have, Ryan with a low blow, 2 minutes to go but no high kicks and body kicks came from. Ryan with a nice body shots, Tim Elliott looked for the takedown and he got it, but soon Ryan back to his Feet, Tim Elliott with another takedown as the round got ended.

Round Second: Ryan with right hand, Tim Elliott looked for the knee strick all the way up. Knee connected to Ryan, Ryan was having the good head movement with slight shots. Ryan with a nice takedown, Tim Elliott looked to change the grip with his own. Now, Tim Elliott at the top of Ryan. However, Ryan was locking Ryan. Tim Elliott with ankle lock looking to end the fight, but nice job done by Ryan he got back to his feet. Nice right hand by both, Once again Ryan with a takedown, Tim Elliott turned the grip to his side and landed back to back elbow as the round ended.

Round Third: The great work down by Tim Elliott as he landed the knees. It looked something that happened with Tim Elliott's fingers. Tim Elliott looked a little left in the fight now. great right hands by Ryan, 2 minutes to go, Landed some good shots on Tim Elliott, right hand by Tim Elliott, Good uppercut flying Ryan. Both with the clinch, as the only 30 seconds left, Nice knee by Ryan as the fight ended with a nice talk between Tim Elliott and Ryan.

Winner : Tim Elliott, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Featherweight Bout

Jimmie Rivera Vs. Cody Stamann

Round First: The round first round opened up with a low kick from Jimmie Rivera, that was a massive smack from Jimmie Rivera. Inside leg kick for Cody, Nice body shots by Jimmie Rivera. Cody with a nice takedown, Jimmie Rivera back up to his feet, Cody with some right hands. Jimmie Rivera with a takedown, Cody was able to back on his feet and grabbed Jimmie Rivera stomping on his feet. Cody was not letting him go. The referee broke the lock as they once again prepared. Nice right hand but more beautifully countered by Jimmie Rivera. The round first ended.

Round Second: The round second opens up,with a grip from Cody on Jimmie Rivera, Cody could not let it go. They got 50-50 grip, Jimmie Rivera with a nice turn to takeover Cody. A lot of grabs in the fight, Cody with big right hand getting out of the clinch. Jimmie Rivera was putting everything he could do to make the led in the fight, Cody with nice body shots. Big connection by Jimmie Rivera, beautiful shot by Cody. The round ended.

Round Third: The final round was on the line, Cody looked for the takedown, but Jimmie Rivera fought back up gripping. Both back to middle. Good shot from Jimmie Rivera but Cody caught the leg looking for the takedown, Jimmie Rivera with body shots trying to get out of the clinch. Once again back to the middle of the ring. 30 seconds left. beautiful left hand as the fight ended.

Winner : Jimmie Rivera, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Women's Flyweight Bout

Molly McCann Vs. Talia Santos

Round First: Talia Santos firing up with head kick but could not get the touch, she needed to have. Talia Santos with a low kick, Molly with the right hand, Talia Santos with knee strick to the head, the referee approach to stop them and had some explaining with Talia Santos, as the fight once again took place, Talia Santos with a knee to head, right hand by Molly, Body kick by Talia Santos as they were in the clinch. Talia Santos took her down, Molly back to her feet, they both started bleeding, Talia Santos continued the clinch near to the fence. Talia Santos with another takedown as the round first ended.

Round second: The round opened up, Talia Santos with a body kick, as Molly grabbed her legs looking for the takedown, Molly scratching Talia Santos through the fence, Big kick to the body from Talia Santos. Nice takedown from Talia Santos. Molly had her try to make it out of the takedown. The lock looked too tight to break it up. Finally Molly up to her feet but instantly, Talia Santos with another takedown. A couple of takedowns could led Talia Santos to the victory, the round second ended.

Round Third: Talia Santos with a kick to the head, no risk from both of them, Talia Santos trying to have takedown with body lock on the line and once again she got the takedown. This was the clear victory with Talia Santos as the winner, Molly got out of the takedown, but once again Talia Santos had takedown, Molly was doing everything she could do get out of the lock. Talia Santos with some shots on Molly's head while she was down as the round got ended.

Winner : Talia Santos, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Welterweight Bout

Abdul Razak Alhassan Vs. Mounir Lazzez

Mounir Lazzez makes his way out into the octagon, he was followed by Abdul Razak Alhassan. The official introduced both the competitors as they prepared for the fight.

Round First: The first round was on the line, Mounir Lazzez with a low kick, Abdul with a shot to his head, Mounir Lazzez with head movement, Abdul was getting him smashed, Mounir Lazzez with head kick, Abdul with some Body shots near to the fence, Nice elbow from Mounir Lazzez, and then a head kick, Mounir Lazzez with knee strick, taking a slight control in the first round. Mounir Lazzez with low kick, couple of the low kick, and then a head kick from Mounir Lazzez. Low kick came from Abdul, Abdul with back to back headshots, Mounir Lazzez took Abdul down, as the first round got ended.

Round Second: The second round opened up with Mounir Lazzez landing low kicks to Abdul, Mounir Lazzez went back and forth driving Adul into he fence, Abdul fired back not letting the end of the fight, Mounir Lazzez grabbed the leg and took him down making the second takedown in the fight, Abdul with a try to get out of the lock but could not proceed, Mounir Lazzez lightened the lock at the instruction of the referee, Mounir Lazzez now backing Abdul with right hands making another takedown. Abdul, with his right hand around Mounir Lazzez's neck, the referee called them to split up, as the second round got ended.

Round Third: The third round opens up with a low kick from Mounir Lazzez. both with exchanges of low kicks, Abdul with the knee right on the chine, making the nice takedown, Mounir Lazzez soon back to his feet but still in the control of Abdul, Takedown from Abdul with his hand around Mounir Lazzez's neck, Mounir Lazzez now took the control on Abdul as the takedown continued to take up. A nice get-up from Abdul, and went with back to back right and left hands as the referee made the stoppage with the round finish.

Winner : Mounir Lazzez, victory followed by by Unanimous Decision[(30-27 x 2, 29-28)]

Preliminary Card Results...

Middleweight Bout

John Phillips Vs. Khamzat Chimaev

Winner : Khamzat Chimaev, victory followed by Submission due to a D'Arce Choke at 1:12 of Round 2

Featherweight Bout

Chris Fishgold Vs. Jared Gordon

Winner : Jared Gordon, via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26) at 5:00 in round 5

Featherweight Bout

Ricardo Ramos vs Lerone Murphy

Winner : Lerone Murphy, victory followed by KO/TKO at 4:18 in round 1

Light Heavyweight Bout

Modestas Bukauskas Vs. Andreas Michailidis

Winner : Modestas Bukauskas, victory followed by KO/TKO at 5:00 in round 1

Women's Flyweight Bout

Diana Belbita Vs. Liana Jojua

Winner : Liana Jojua, victory followed by Submission (armbar) at 2:43 in round 1

Bantamweight Bout

Jack Shore vs Aaron Phillips

Winner : Jack Shore, victory followed by Submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:29 in round 2

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