UFC Fight Night: Mike Perry Vs. Mickey Gall Full Recap(June 27, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jun 28, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Mike Perry Vs. Mickey Gall Full Recap(June 27, 2020)
The co-main event was on the line, Mickey Gall entered the octagon to pick up his bout against Mike Perry. Mike left the fight for him by having two beautiful takedowns to win the fight.

Round First: The 1st round was on the line, mike looked to have sudden attack but Mickey Gall avoided it. Mickey Gall with a low blow, got one back from Mike, Mickey Gall with defense mood. A beautiful hard kick by Mike, Mike got the little bit damages to his eye side, Mickey Gall with a kick to his face, Big shot landed by Mickey Gall, Mike with a massive hit turning to be up in the fight. Mike took down Mickey Gall with a back lock, he was looking to have the submission move, Mickey Gall was moving out to get out of the lock but Mickey Gall continued with the lock. The first round got ended with this.

Round Second: The second round was on the line, Mickey Gall with a low kick and then a knee stick, MIke also bounced back with a knee hit, Mickey Gall with a body shot, There was another takedown, Mickey Gall got Mike's head into his armpit that looked not a good sign, Mike got out of the arm, they continued to land the shots while down. They got back to their feet. Mickey Gall with a shot to the chin, Mike with a shot on Mickey Gall's head which made Mickey Gall to fall down, Mike Perry on his chest and land back to back Elbow shots slamming his head as the second round got ended.

Round Third: The third and the final round was on the line, Mike was looking to be getting lead in the fight, Mike Perry with nice hand landed over Mickey Gall's head, Mike with body shot and then landed some heavy shots climbing over him with a right hand and hight kick. Mike with a takedown as 1:30 seconds were left in the fight, Mike on the chest of Mickey Gall, Mike continued to land shots, Mickey Gall tried to walk through but could not, instead got elbow shots from Mike, nice work from Mickey Gall as he was able to get out, but once again there was a takedown. The final round got ended with Mike Perry as the winner of fight.

Winner: Mike Perry, victory followed by unanimous decision (29-28)

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