UFC Fight Night Results: Billy Quarantillo Vs. Spike Carlyle Full Recap, Billy Wins

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 31, 2020
UFC Fight Night Results: Billy Quarantillo Vs. Spike Carlyle Full Recap, Billy Wins
Spike Carlyle made his way to the octagon as for the fist to pick up the fight against Billy Quarantillo who also followed the entrance. the official introduced them. There were a lot of moves from Spike and it even seemed that Spike could win the match at early stack but soon in the third round, Billy made some really impressive shots to win the fight.

1st Round: The first round was on the line, Spike with sudden knee attack to Billy Quarantillo and took him down immediately, Spike with an elbow, it looked that Spike was finding the way to end the fight as quick as he could, Spike with a continuous hold on Billy Quarantillo, Spike with heavy punches on Billy Quarantillo's head, Billy cleared in the fight by turning Spike for the hold, Billy Quarantillo found himself on the bottom as Spike took the charge in the fight with some massive punches.

Billy Quarantillo tried to have some shots from down, Billy Quarantillo got a little up but Spike again took him down, we spotted the near finish for fist round, Spike with bit right hand, the round got ended but Spike made some kick instead of the end, he broke up and we saw Billy Quarantillo coming behind to land some kicks instead, the referee split them up.

2 second Round: Billy Quarantillo with a big right hand and held him the lock, Spike made flip but could not break the hold, Spike turned him down for some shots. Billy Quarantillo with elbow attack at the top of the head, Spike also with same kind of attack, Billy Quarantillo tried to slide him down, they got up but Billy Quarantillo once again took him down on the ground as the brawl continued to heat up. Billy Quarantillo with arm submission as we looked for the second-round finish.

3rd Round: The fight was really going with interest as the fans wanted to watch in the way, Billy with some punches while, Spike was down on the ground, Billy with stren lock but Spike turned it down. a brawl of exchanges continued in the fight, Spike with a try to down Billy, now we saw Billy was getting a huge way near to the victory as he made massive right hands, Spike was able to break the lock Billy with massive right hands Boooo!! and that's he took Spike completely under his punches, the referee split them up.

Winner: Billy Quarantillo, victory followed by Thrid-round (unanimous decision-29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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