UFC Fight Night: Tim Elliott Vs. Ryan Benoit Full Fight, Tim Elliott Wins

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 16, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Tim Elliott Vs. Ryan Benoit Full Fight, Tim Elliott Wins
Tim Elliott got the victory over Ryan, the fight hard to chose the winner. Finally, Tim Elliott got the victory, below check out the match recap.

Round First : Nice movement of head from both the fighters with no risk. Tim Elliott trying to land the left leg but could get the touch he wanted to have, Ryan with a low blow, 2 minutes to go but no high kicks and body kicks came from. Ryan with a nice body shots, Tim Elliott looked for the takedown and he got it, but soon Ryan back to his Feet, Tim Elliott with another takedown as the round got ended.

Round Second: Ryan with right hand, Tim Elliott looked for the knee strick all the way up. Knee connected to Ryan, Ryan was having the good head movement with slight shots. Ryan with a nice takedown, Tim Elliott looked to change the grip with his own. Now, Tim Elliott at the top of Ryan. However, Ryan was locking Ryan. Tim Elliott with ankle lock looking to end the fight, but nice job done by Ryan he got back to his feet. Nice right hand by both, Once again Ryan with a takedown, Tim Elliott turned the grip to his side and landed back to back elbow as the round ended.

Round Third: The great work down by Tim Elliott as he landed the knees. It looked something that happened with Tim Elliott's fingers. Tim Elliott looked a little left in the fight now. great right hands by Ryan, 2 minutes to go, Landed some good shots on Tim Elliott, right hand by Tim Elliott, Good uppercut flying Ryan. Both with the clinch, as the only 30 seconds left, Nice knee by Ryan as the fight ended with a nice talk between Tim Elliott and Ryan.

Winner : Tim Elliott, victory followed by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

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