UFC Fight Night: Tyron Woodley Vs. Gilbert Burns Results May 30, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 31, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Tyron Woodley Vs. Gilbert Burns Results May 30, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners
The former UFC Welterweight Champion walks into the Octagon for the first time since the fifth defense of his welterweight title where Woodley faced Kamaru Usman on March 2, 2019, in the co-main event at UFC 235. He lost the fight by unanimous decision, ending his nearly three-year reign as welterweight champion.

On May 16, 2019, it was reported that Woodley suffered a hand injury and was pulled from the fight, since then he never got to make his appearance in the Octagon when he faces off Gilbert Burns in the main event of UFC Fight Night on May 30, which is expected to take place at the promotion's Apex facility in Las Vegas.

We also need to make a mention, UFC president Dana White announced on April 9 that springing with the original UFC 249, all future events were continually postponed. As we know that Due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, the UFC had to cancel 6 events between March 21 and May 2.

The location might get a changing until May 27, when the Nevada State Athletic Commission is listed to formally vote on reestablishing the state to combat sports.

Quick Shots

  • Tyron Woodley Vs. Gilbert Burns to take place at Main event

  • Blagoy Ivanov colliede with Augusto Sakai

  • Brok Weaver wages his war against Roosevelt Roberts


Welterweight(Main Event)

Tyron Woodley Vs. Gilbert Burns

The main event was on the line, Gilbert Burns walked down to the octagon to pick up his fight against Tyron Woodley.

1st Round: The first round was on the line, Burns with a heavy leg kick, Bruns with a heavy right hand and took down Tyron Woodley on the ground, Burns continued to make the hold with some punches, Burns had a little damage as he started bleeding, Tyron Woodley with power to break the lock. Tyron Woodley with big left leg but Burns countered it. Heavy low kick by Burns, the first round got ended with a close eye look.

2nd Round: The second round was on the line, Tyron Woodley with a leg kick, Burns also tried to make the damage to some extend. Bruns with high kick. Burns took down Tyron Woodley on the ground, Tyron Woodley with an effort to break it, Tyron Woodley with some kicks while he was down, Tyron Woodley back to his feet but not away from the lock, Burns with heavy body shots and knee attack. We looked for the second round end with a gridlock from both.

3rd Round: The third round was on the line, Tyron Woodley was not taking the rush, Burns on the attack, Tyron Woodley with good right hand stealing a boom!!, Burns with the clean left hand, big right hand by Burns. Bruns with a leg kick as Tyron Woodley countered it back, Burns hit the ground but soon backed to his feet. Burns with a high leg kick. The third round was on the verge of ending with Burns in the lead.

4th Round: We looked for the fourth round, Tyron Woodley with a left hand, Burns ducked to make the save, both with body lock near the fence. A hard clutch by Burns, the referee broke the hold, at the fourth round-half Burns was on the lead, Burns with explosive moves to blow up Tyron Woodley, Burns took him near the fence and took him down. Burns with continuous shots. 30 seconds to go for the end of the round. Burns was still making a lock.

5th Round: The final round was on the line, Burns pushed Tyron Woodley with his head force towards the fence. There was no way for Tyron Woodley to get back in the fight, more likely win the match. It was supposed to be the big win for Burns, Tyron Woodley turned Turns for the clutch, the referee broke the lock, Tyron Woodley with the big left hand, with a body lock, 40 seconds to go for the end with Burns as the possible winner.

Winner: Gilbert Burns, victory followed by unanimous decision(50-45, 50-44, 50-44)

Heavyweight(Co-main event)

Blagoy Ivanov vs. Augusto Sakai

1st Round: The first round on the line, Blagoy Ivanov and Sakai went circling, as they were not ready for the rush, Blagoy Ivanov with big steps but could touch the attack, Blagoy Ivanov had some kicks as Sakai tried to fight back, it almost 30 seconds left for the first round end but no one took a heavy strike, Blagoy Ivanov had some blood on his back. The first round got ended.

2nd Round: The second round was on the line, Blagoy Ivanov with the massive right hand, Sakai with a counter and took a little damage to Blagoy Ivanov, a series of exchanges from both, a lock near to the fence, both tried to fight back up. Sakai with a low kick and then a left hand, Sakai with massive left leg and took him back to the fence. Good Job from Sakai, big heavy shots from both, Blagoy Ivanov took down Sakai with some significant damages, Sakai tried to fight back, we looked for the second round end.

3rd Round: The round three, Blagoy Ivanov with the close right hand, neck to neck, Sakai missed some shots, Blagoy Ivanov with the right hand, Sakai with a nice combination with punches, body lock from both, Blagoy Ivanov grabbed Sakai and tried to take him down but Sakai had defense from it. Blagoy Ivanov with the big right hand, the second round was on the end, the second round ended with a clutch

Winner: Augusto Sakai, victory followed by Thrid-round (Split-decision)


Billy Quarantillo vs. Spike Carlyle

Spike Carlyle made his way to the octagon as for the fist to pick up the fight against Billy Quarantillo who also followed the entrance. the official introduced them.

1st Round: The first round was on the line, Spike with sudden knee attack to Billy Quarantillo and took him down immediately, Spike with an elbow, it looked that Spike was finding the way to end the fight as quick as he could, Spike with a continuous hold on Billy Quarantillo, Spike with heavy punches on Billy Quarantillo's head, Billy cleared in the fight by turning Spike for the hold, Billy Quarantillo found himself on the bottom as Spike took the charge in the fight with some massive punches.

Billy Quarantillo tried to have some shots from down, Billy Quarantillo got a little up but Spike again took him down, we spotted the near finish for fist round, Spike with bit right hand, the round got ended but Spike made some kick instead of the end, he broke up and we saw Billy Quarantillo coming behind to land some kicks instead, the referee split them up.

2 second Round: Billy Quarantillo with a big right hand and held him the lock, Spike made flip but could not break the hold, Spike turned him down for some shots. Billy Quarantillo with elbow attack at the top of the head, Spike also with same kind of attack, Billy Quarantillo tried to slide him down, they got up but Billy Quarantillo once again took him down on the ground as the brawl continued to heat up. Billy Quarantillo with arm submission as we looked for the second-round finish.

3rd Round: The fight was really going with interest as the fans wanted to watch in the way, Billy with some punches while, Spike was down on the ground, Billy with stren lock but Spike turned it down. a brawl of exchanges continued in the fight, Spike with a try to down Billy, now we saw Billy was getting a huge way near to the victory as he made massive right hands, Spike was able to break the lock Billy with massive right hands Boooo!! and that's he took Spike completely under his punches, the referee split them up.

Winner: Billy Quarantillo, victory followed by Thrid-round (unanimous decision-29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Roosevelt Roberts vs. Brok Weaver

1st Round: Roosevelt Roberts and Brok had some trash talking while they were locked near the fence, Brok with a kick to Roosevelt Roberts for a little damage, Brok took him a little back-scratching to the fence, Roosevelt Roberts escaped the clutch, Brok with another straight clutch, Roosevelt Roberts spun out to make the lock on Brok and with this, the first round got ended.

2 second Round: The second round was on the line, Brok with immediate attack and took Roosevelt Roberts back with good technic, Roosevelt Roberts with cross kicks while they both were clutched in the lock, Roosevelt Roberts took the charge now with a dash-down on Brok, Roosevelt Roberts was not letting him get up with continued punches, strick, Roosevelt Roberts little up and landed some massive stroke, Roosevelt Roberts with submission lock to Brok, he did not make a response which forced the referee to win the bout with submission.

Winner: Roosevelt Roberts, victory followed by submission, rear naked choke, Round 2, 3:26.


Mackenzie Dern vs. Hannah Cifers

1st Round: The first round was on the line, Mackenzie Dern looked to be back with her strength the way she was brawling, Hannah Cifers tied to block some hits from Mackenzie Dern. Mackenzie with some quick hits to take her down for a while, Mackenzie Dern with another kick and managed to take down Hannah Cifers on the ground, Hannah did not stand up from the situation she was in, Mackenzie Dern took the advantage and continued to make damage and finally quickly locked in a kneebar and forced to tap out!

Winner: Mackenzie Dern, victory followed by first-round submission (kneebar)

Men's featherweight

Chris Gutierrez vs. Vince Morales

Winner: Chris Gutierrez, victory followed by second-round TKO (kicks)

Men's bantamweight

Louis Smolka vs. Casey Kenney

Winner: Casey Kenney , victory followed by first-round submission (guillotine)

Men's flyweight

Tim Elliott vs. Brandon Royval

Winner: Brandon Royval, victory followed by second-round submission (arm triangle)

Men's flyweight

Tim Elliott vs. Brandon Royval

Winner: Brandon Royval, victory followed by second-round submission (arm triangle)

Light heavyweight

Jamahal Hill vs. Klidson Abreu

Winner: Jamahal Hill, victory followed by first-round TKO (punches)

Light heavyweight

Daniel Rodriguez Vs. Gabriel Green

Winner: Daniel Rodriguez, victory followed by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Women's flyweight

Katlyn Chookagian vs. Antonina Shevchenko

Winner: Katlyn Chookagian, victory followed by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)

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