UFC News: Ben Askren Puts His Concepts On Tony And Khabib Fight, Apologize To Everybody For His Fight With Masvidal

Anfostar Team Fri Mar 20, 2020
UFC News: Ben Askren Puts His Concepts On Tony And Khabib Fight, Apologize To Everybody For His Fight With Masvidal
Welcome to Anfostar_Ben Askren returned to Submission Radio to discuss the fallout from UFC London, his friend Tyron Woodley not getting to fight Leon Edwards, Colby Covington offering to step up on short notice, fighters not being compensated for their fights falling through if the Coronavirus would prevent Ben from fighting if he was still active, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson being in jeopardy, how he sees that fight going down, Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal and Usman's promoting, the main opponent Ben wishes he would've fought before his career ended, and more!

The one which he made essential to point at, was putting his concept on Khabib vs Tony fight that is happening on Sat, Apr 18, 2020. However, UFC 249 event will not take place from Barclays Center in Brooklyn due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The decision was issued by the New York State Athletic Commission concerning the gathering which could possibly be effective in the accordance of Coronavirus. UFC which was first set to take place on Sat, Apr 18, 2020, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, will go through cancellation from now on. UFC looks forward to returning to Brooklyn at the earliest opportunity. The date will not go through a cancellation.

He stated that "Well, I mean the one thing I said last night, let's not get greedy dana, let's make it really simple. All we need is Tony and Khabib, we don't need an effing undercard, so, you guys I don't know what they are doing in Australia in America they are doing 10 right now like 10 people minimum so our maximum you can't have more 10 people in the group so you got Tony, Khabib, three judges but you you can have Judges be remote so you don't have to have them there actually".

"You have referee you have Dana, you have brunch buffer and you have Joe Rogan maybe hey look you know we don't even get maybe we take the judges to make the judges remote at a remote location. And give them each two caches or something one coach I think there is a way to do it to keep it under 10 people and broadcast it."

He further said that It's two guys who are really good at, what they do and if you were to design a fighter to beat the other person that's what you would design them to do. So, I think It's gonna be really really fascinating.

Ben Askren replied when asked if, Tony can implement his offence off his back against the guy like Khabib then he said I mean Khabib is obviously gonna take the takedowns and he has been so dominating with the ground and pound but at the same time Tony is so active off his back and he is good with the elbows and he has got a lot of tricky stuff and said and I think It's gonna be totally fascinating and I am excited about it to see what happens.

As we go back to the records then it tells us that Askren faced Jorge Masvidal on July 6, 2019, at UFC 239.[44] Askren was violently knocked out with a flying knee 5 seconds into the first round, the fastest knockout in UFC history.

He also talked about it to say that “Yeah, I blew it, right? I blew it,” Askren said. “If I won the Masvidal fight, I’ve got that. I blew it. You guys trying to rub it in?

“I blew it. I blew it. I apologize to everybody.”

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