UFC News: Conor McGregor, Jon Jones Break Our Their Statements On Coronavirus Consciousness

Anfostar Team Sun Mar 22, 2020
UFC News: Conor McGregor, Jon Jones Break Our Their Statements On Coronavirus Consciousness
Welcome to Anfostar UFC_The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor is proud to lead the nation at such critical time all over the world.

The countries are trying their possible efforts to resist Coronavirus Pandemic. We have recently seen Indian Prime Ministry implementing Janta Curfew in India which have done an unbelievable success in India. People are the most important concepts to limit and run the Coronavirus, so we need to be vigilant at this critical condition.

As we saw “The Notorious” took to social media Saturday and issued a statement about the importance of following medical recommendations.

He said: "Quick reminder to stay vigilant with our quarantine efforts, team Ireland! We have seen a drop over the last 3 days in numbers of infected. From 191 cases on Thursday, March 19th (Our heaviest day to date) to a slight decrease of 126 the following day, Friday, March 20th. To now today, Saturday March 21th, a total number of 102 new cases".

"These are encouraging drops each day buy we are still above 100 a day. With today being Saturday and the peak of our weekend, plus the fact we have received lower numbers each day, we will all feel tempted to get out and back to living our normal lives again. But now is the time we must remain most vigilant! Remain most vigilant and put this fully to bed. Otherwise we run the risk of going around in circles with these numbers until they hit a spike we then can’t contain".

"Stay tight Ireland! We will do this! Together in unity! God speed to everyone around the world fighting this virus. We fight it side by side! ☘️🌍🙏❤️ Team work makes the dream work, God bless!"

The global total COVID 19 caseload is approaching 1/4 million. And the USA has moved up from the 8th largest to 6th largest national epidemic. As of Saturday night, the global death toll passed 9,700, with more than 235,000 confirmed cases. In the U.S., the death toll was at 157 (up from 40 last week) across 22 states as confirmed cases increased to more than 11,200.

While Jones was not high behind to put his message through social. Jones took his Instagram to share statement on Coronavirus Pandamic.

“Just reaching out to let you all know that I love you very much. Hope you guys are keeping your head held high. You owe it to yourself. This world can be a very difficult place, and sometimes it’s going to present us with some very hard fights. But we owe it to ourselves to have faith, to be positive and remember that attitude is everything. Mentality, mindset it everything. No one is going to feel sorry for us at a time like this. We owe it to ourselves to not feel sorry for ourselves and do everything we can every day to smile, to do our part. And right now our part is to stay home, stay happy, stay positive. Keep a positive mindset, keep a positive outlook, and I promise you, we will get through this thing.”

Both the competitors are not scheduled for any henceforth fight for the time being.

Stay healthy and vigilant, the nation needs our support to make Coronavirus flee from all over the world.

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