UFC News: Conor McGregor Share His Enthusiastic Lines To Ireland On COVID-19

Anfostar Team Wed Mar 25, 2020
UFC News: Conor McGregor Share His Enthusiastic Lines To Ireland On COVID-19
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The whole world is in the type of infirmity which needs to make ourself be resisted to go out of their homes as much as they could do. COVID-19 has called out whole the world in the complete lockdown. As we have seen, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered for the 21 days lockdown in India from now on.

Recently, we saw As the pandemic increased in recent weeks, McGregor repeatedly posted obstinate written statements on his Instagram page, and he has for the first in-camera to speak about Pandemic. he says Closing of Airports as well as all non-essential business, along with stricter adherence to social distancing, must be put in place now! God speed! We can do this.

He is leaving no stone unturned to lead people to not be panic of this world-effecting pandemic. A day ago Conor McGregor took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on Coronavirus in which he also referred Ireland which is less effected then we compare to the other countries. As of 23 March, there have been 1125 confirmed cases and 6 deaths. McGregor mentioned went on to say his further recommendation about having a lockdown to resist Coronavirus to its possible condition.

Now, he took to his twitter to share his enthusiastic lines to Ireland. He said: using a Flag of Ireland Folded hands Red heart “If you strike us down now we shall rise again and renew the fight. You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom then our children will win it by a better deed.”

As you can see the full tweet below.

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