UFC News: Daniel Cormier Tells His Excitement On Revealing His Fight Location

Anfostar Team Mon Mar 23, 2020
UFC News: Daniel Cormier Tells His Excitement On Revealing His Fight Location
Welcome to Anfostar UFC_ Daniel Cormier who currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is a former two-division world champion having held the heavyweight and light heavyweight world championships simultaneously. He is now at the verge to leave UFC and will be fighting his last bout on the upcoming-unknown location that is still to be announced.

On September 23, Cormier on Ariel Helwani’s ESPN MMA Show said his next fight will be his last one and targeting Stipe Miocic for a trilogy fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He is much excited to pick a fight with Stipe Miocic as well as ending his last fight.

“I know we’re in a crazy time right with the world and the way things are, and it’s very up in the air,” Cormier referred these things Friday with an Instagram Live. “But I think for me with the way things are going and the discussions we had heading into all this, the way that the discussions and the terms of the fight was going, man, where I am going to fight this guy, for my last fight, it’s going to be as ideal for me as I could’ve ever hoped for. It’s going to be beautiful.”

The former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion did excite us by not revealing his last fight location.

“I think the way things are falling, you and I may be spending more time together than most people,” Cormier said to Usman. “Obviously we can’t say a day and time yet, but it’s looking like you and I shall, and will, be spending a party together.”

“I got one,” he said. “Some guy asked me today, ‘You going to keep fighting?’ I said, ‘No, I got one.’ Some of these guys are very young. I don’t have to fight a young guy. Miocic is about to be 38 years old. I got to fight one old guy one more time. That’s it. I ain’t fighting no 27-year-old dude.”

According to MMA Junkie Tow possible could be_ San Francisco, Calif.

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