UFC News: Henry Cejudo Vs. Alexander Volkanovski Likely To Take Place Soon

Jitendra Jangir Mon May 25, 2020
UFC News: Henry Cejudo Vs. Alexander Volkanovski Likely To Take Place Soon
UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo announced his retirement at UFC 249 after becoming only the second fighter in history to successfully defend a title in two different weight classes (Daniel Cormier)

Despite his announcement of retirement, he would like to have more last ride if, he gets to fight against Alexander Volkanovski who is current UFC Featherweight Champion.

In an interview Henry Cejudo revealed that "Honestly if there's one fight that would really wake me up, that would be worth it for me to be like, 'Hey man I'm willing to put on my credentials on the line for somebody,' it would be fighting Alexander Volkanvoski at 145 pounds. Then I'd be C4".

Later, for the fans It was ice on the cake as Alexander Volkanovski took to his twitter to accept the bluff from Henry Cejudo.

"Let’s do it then boy!!", Alexander Volkanovski said this.

If this fight goes up on the plate to be served then you can't expect the expansion of interest with this fight. It would be a dazzling moment in UFC history, if the two champions fight to prove to one champion.

Talking about Volkanovsk's last fight where he faced Max Holloway on 14 December 2019 for the UFC Featherweight Championship at UFC 245. After using volumes of low kicks and out striking the champion in every round, Volkanovski won the fight via unanimous decision.

Volkanovsk has played 22 matches with 21 wins and only one loss, he lost his last fight to Corey Nelson and ever since he has been undefeated streak.

Henry Cejudo is the former UFC flyweight champion and UFC bantamweight champion. He is the fourth UFC fighter to hold titles in two different weight classes simultaneously, and the second to defend each title. He has played 18 matches in his UFC career with 16 wins and two losses. Since his lost to Joseph Benavidez, he has been undefeated with 6 wins on the line.

They both have never met in the octagon, but now it seems that this is the perfect time to make them face in the octagon.

Both have the chance to become the two-division champion.

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