UFC News: Jon Jones Cracked With Emotions While Being Arrested By The Officers

Anfostar Team Sun Mar 29, 2020
UFC News: Jon Jones Cracked With Emotions While Being Arrested By The Officers
Welcome to Anfostar_ *Jones was arrested with four charges including for intensified DWI driving while intoxicated as well as neglectful use of a firearm, possession of an open container and no proof of insurance. According to Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Detention Center current inmate list, Jones is no longer in custody.

According to the arrest video that is being posted at the curtesy of MMA Junkie. The video reveals that Jon Jones got emotional and felt to have worried about his family. You can watch the full video by visiting MMA

On Friday, MMA Junkie obtained bodycam footage of Jones’ arrest from the Bernalillo County District Attorney. The video, in which an officer – Brian Johnson, approaches a black SUV. Jones was sitting in the driver’s seat and is asked if he had been drinking. Jones admits to alcohol usage. The officer asked him what he is drinking. Jon Jones said he had a drink of vodka earlier in the day. The officer asks Jones to follow his finger with his eyes.

From there, Johnson asks Jones to step out of the car. Jones is patted down and asked to perform a series of sobriety tests. Jon Jones said No, But my memory is, like, always_my short-term mermeory is really bad.

When the officer asked him what he was doing out during a time when New Mexico is under a stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jones said he was going “stir crazy” at home and wanted to go for a drive. He added that he was talking to homeless people who were on the side of the road.

Jon Jones said “I got stir crazy. I got pulled over just being nice, being nice to the homeless people,” Jones said. “I literally just got stir crazy. I just wanted to have a drive. This is my first drive in two weeks. And I saw these homeless guys, I was being nice to them, having a conversation with them, treating them like humans.”

Officer Johnson asked Jones to produce multiple tests, including counting exercises and the alphabet. After the tests, the officer said him to turn around and handcuffed him.

We could hear several emotional cracks from Jon Jones requesting officer that he is not feeling comfortable while he is handcuffed.

Jones emphasised that he has anxiety. “I have anxiety. I have anxiety,” he says. In response, Johnson says he’ll give Jones two handcuffs, presumably so the fit isn’t so tight. We could also hear Jon Jones saying the officer “I just gotta take off my hoodie. Please, please.” When asked by an officer why, Jones replies, “Just because my anxiety gets so bad.” Jones is told that they’ll allow him to take it off at the police station.

He went on to request for the second time “Please, guys. Just let me take off my hoodie,” he says. “No, you can. I just want you guys to feel comfortable,” he says. “My family, man. So scared for my family,” he says while being briefly uncuffed. He further said being so cracked with his voice “Is everything slower because of the coronavirus, or what?” he says before again mentioning his family. “Everything’s been going bad. I just wanna be with my family.”

After sitting back in the police cruiser “Sir, if it’s not too much, could you roll down the window?”.

Although, Jon Jones is no longer under the custody. It is not the once that he has been arrested. He was first stripped of his title and removed from the official rankings by the UFC in 2015 after he was arrested on felony hit-and-run charges that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm.

His following returns to the UFC in 2016 and 2017 where he emerged as victorious in title bouts against Ovince Saint Preux and Daniel Cormier, but shortly after were both cut short by Jones testing positive for banned substances and receiving further suspensions, with the latter reversed to a 'no contest'. After his 2017 suspension was lifted, Jones reclaimed the championship in 2018 by defeating Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones faced Dominick Reyes on February 8, 2020, in the main event of UFC 247. Jones won the fight via unanimous decision.

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