UFC News: Tristan Connelly, & Cole Smith Reveal About Coronavirus Postponements

Anfostar Team Sun Mar 22, 2020
UFC News: Tristan Connelly, & Cole Smith Reveal About Coronavirus Postponements
Welcome to Anfostar UFC_Earlier we had an announcement which was forced by Coronavirus. UFC had to postpone their next three-event due to Coronavirus gripping the whole world in its tight hold. The cancellation also includes Tristan Connelly and Cole Smith in the fight who were actually working out at the PI but when they got know the news that UFC has postponed their next three-event They decided it was time to leave.

Bothe were having their practice for the upcoming fight whereby, Connelly was supposed to fight Alex da Silva at UFC on ESPN+ 30 in Portland, Ore. on April 11. While Smith did not have his fight fixed.

As it first revealed by MMA Junkie that Smith told: “It was a risk we were willing to take,”. “As irresponsible as that sounds, it was what we were willing to do. Obviously, a lot of the gyms started getting closed down out there. We were getting some of the fighters together and having our own secret training. Other than that, it’s part of the game.”

“I was sitting on the PI, scrolling through Twitter, and I saw it on MMA Junkie,” Smith said. “I saw it from you guys – the event was (postponed). I went up to Tristan and said, ‘Hey buddy, your fight is off, I’m sorry to say. Let’s go home tomorrow. We have no reason to be here anymore. The PI is closing. Xtreme Couture is closing. 10th Planet is closing.’ There was no need for us to be there anymore.”

“They asked me a couple questions,” Smith said. “They asked us all as a group. When we were walking off the plane, they had an agent standing there and he just asked everybody, ‘Is anyone sick?’ And everyone is like, ‘No.’ They just let us go by. It was kind of weird.”

“The toughest thing is coming back into the country I have to self-quarantine for 14 days,” Connelly said. “All the gyms are closed, too. Not being able to train is the hardest part. The next couple weeks I’ll have to stay by myself. It’ll be hard not to eat sitting on the couch".

"I can stretch, but I don’t have much room to do stuff in here. That’s going to be the hardest bit. I’ll stay in shape and be ready. Hopefully, the UFC figures something out. I really feel like they will figure out small events.”

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