UFC's Mike Perry Caught Punching Old Man At Bar

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 09, 2020
UFC's Mike Perry Caught Punching Old Man At Bar
UFC's Mike Perry is being circulated with criticism of the kind of show video in which he is seen punching an older man in restaurant altercation.

The video can be seen below in the tweet, which shows Mike Perry being accompanied by girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, leaving an unidentified establishment. Perry can be listened yelling at old people. They seem that Mike Perry had got some disagreement with the old guy.

MMA Junkie reported that it happened within the last 36 hours. The location of the fight is still to be located but one thing in the video that Perry has a “Fight Island” t-shirt on.

Mike Perry speaks in this video “I’ll knock your old ass out, too!”. The man responds, “You do it, mother(swearword) “Yeah, let’s go you fat piece of (swearword)!” Perry says.

Perry involved in an argument with someone in the bar that would take him towards the exit. His girlfriend Latory Gonzalez urges Perry to leave the bar, but he refuses to make a quick exit. As bystanders attempt to calm him down, Perry got angrier and launches an exchange with a man with gray hair wearing glasses.

Below is the full video.

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Image Credit: UFC

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