Understanding the Sun as a Fruit by Hanuman

Anfostar Team Fri Nov 11, 2022
Understanding the Sun as a Fruit by Hanuman
Understanding the Sun as a Fruit by Hanuman

Hanuman takes the sun as a fruit and proceeds to catch it.

One day after his birth, his mother left him in the ashram to bring fruits. When baby Hanuman got hungry, he took the rising sun as a fruit and started flying in the sky to catch it.

The wind also moved very fast to help them. On the other hand, Lord Surya, considering him as an innocent child, did not allow him to burn with his brilliance. At the time when Hanuman rushed to catch the Sun, Rahu wanted to put an eclipse on the Sun. When Hanumanji touched Rahu in the upper part of the Sun, he got scared and ran away from there.

He went to Indra and complained, "Devraj! You had given me Sun and Moon as a means to pacify my hunger. Today, on the new moon day when I went to afflict the Sun, I saw that the second Rahu was going to catch the Sun. "

Indra got terrified after hearing this from Rahu and took him along with him and went towards the Sun. Seeing Rahu, Hanumanji left the Sun and pounced on Rahu. When Rahu called Indra to protect him, he attacked Hanuman with Vajrayudh, due to which he fell on a mountain and broke his left chin.

Seeing this condition of Hanuman, Vayudev got angry. He stopped his pace at that very moment.

Due to this, no creature of the world could breathe and all started suffering from pain. Then all Suras, Asuras, Yakshas, ​​Kinnars, etc. went to the shelter of Brahma. Brahma took them all and went to Vayudev. He was sitting sadly with Hanuman in his lap. When Brahmaji revived them, Vayudev, by transmitting his speed, relieved the suffering of all beings.

Then Brahmaji said that no weapon can harm its part.

Indra said that his body would be tougher than a thunderbolt. Suryadev said that he would give him a hundredth of his brilliance and also blessed him to be penetrating the scriptures.

Varun said that this child will always be safe by my loop and water. Yamdev blessed him to remain indestructible and healthy. Yaksharaj, Kuber, Vishwakarma, etc. Gods also gave unfailing blessings.

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