Vince McMahon Canceled WWE Championship Match at WWE Payback 2020

Anfostar Team Fri Aug 28, 2020
Vince McMahon Canceled WWE Championship Match at WWE Payback 2020
Keith Lee made his debut on Last Monday Night Raw and was matched up with Randy Orton but the match was won by Randy Orton by Disqualification because Drew McIntyre attacked Randy in the middle of the match.

Randy Orton is booked against Keith Lee for the WWE Payback 2020. This match was announced in WWE Raw. It was quite shocking for the fans as no one thought that the match would book because of Randy Orton's match with Drew McIntyre at the Summerslam for the WWE Championship. That match was won by Drew, and then the next day in Raw, Randy Orton badly injured Drew. Seeing this storyline, it seemed that in the Payback, they were both again competing for the WWE championship match.

PWInsider first said in its report that Vince McMahon had made a lot of changes in this week's episode of Raw. He was the one who changed the entire script and many storylines have already been spoken for changes. Many websites and sources have already told about it.

Tom Kolluh has now revealed more about the changes made by Vince McMahon to Raw. Tom reported that according to the original plan there was a title match between Randy Orton and Drew McIntire at WWE Payback. But Vince McMahon dropped this plan and booked Keith Lee with Randy Orton for Payback 2020.

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