WWE Announces AJ Styles Vs. Drew Gulak For IC Championship Next Week On SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 26, 2020
WWE Announces AJ Styles Vs. Drew Gulak For IC Championship Next Week On SmackDown
WWE has announced the IC Title match tonight on Friday Night SmackDown episode in which AJ Styles will defend his title against Drew Gulak. Recently, Renee Young and Kayla have tested positive for COVID-19 which has left many to wonder that there could be more wrestler who could test positive for Coronavirus.

This is one of the concerns that could leave most of the superstars to appear on tonight's SmackDown.

As you can see at this link WWE is also not including other segments in their preview, instead, they have settled a special tribute to The Undertaker where they will Re-air Boneyard Match. To make it more reliable, I would like to expose you that Boneyard Match Between AJ Styles and The Undertaker lasted 35 minutes. They have even removed their article for IC Champion match between AJ Styles and Drew Gulak and more.

Matt Riddle brought an incredible debut to SmackDown by defeating AJ Styles in his debut match. This was the greatest SmackDown debut ever made by somebody else.

We saw Renee Young was into the ring to introduce The New IC Champ AJ Styles.We saw all the WWE superstars were circulating the ring. AJ Styles said He has called these superstars into the ring to get a closer look at the championship. AJ Styles first gave the opportunity to Renee Young to put the title around his waist but he then went on to skip her saying that it's not for the fas. AJ Styles then called on Daniel Bryan to have the championship around his waist. Daniel Bryan did the same what he was said to do. AJ Styles was a little disagree with the way Daniel left him off.

Daniel Bryna took to the mic and went on to praise him first and then he lit up AJ to defend the title to be the number 1 contender. Meanwhile, Matt Riddle entered the ring. Matt spoke to introduce himself but AJ Styles interrupted him meanwhile, AJ Styles said him to put on the shoes when someone is into the ring with him.

Matt Riddle added that he is not here to listen to you, he is here to advise and inform you that You may be the face of SmackDown but Bro runs the show. AJ Styles meanwhile, attacked Matt Riddle, he took some shots on him. Matt Riddle suddenly, ran rough and sent AJ out of the ring.

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