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WWE Announces Edge Vs. Randy Orton For Wrestling Match At Backlash 2020

Updated On: Sun Jun 14, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir

Image Credit: WWE

All the speculation has come to an end as Randy Orton and Edge will collied in a Wrestling match at Backlash 2020. Edge and Randy Orton will be up this Raw to respond Randy Orton

WWE Backlash(2020) might be continuing from the close-center WWE Performance arena on June 14, 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. WWE Backlash was planned to live from Kansas City. It is being rumored that WWE is planning to move Backlash on another location if, possible.

Randy Orton and Edge competed at WrestleMania 36 in a Last Man Standing Match which saw Edge getting victorious. Since then they both were not regarded in the ring.

On May 11, 2020, at the episode of Raw Edge return to the ring whereby he confronted Randy Orton who challenged him by saying that "If you've got the guts, it'll be Edge vs. Randy Orton in a straight-up wrestling match."The Viper challenge could possibly take place at WWE Backlash! which is planned to air live on June 14 and This will be the first Backlash pay-per-view since 2018.

Edge started the things off saying that he came to WWE to announce the retirement in his own term. He and his family were ready to move on from Orton. He also mentioned that "he didn't come back to hunt Orton, as WWE had advertised, because he got his closure at WrestleMania".

Edge had some words about the WWE locker room, but Orton interrupted and made his way to the ring. Orton first congratulated Edge and said "the better man won at WrestleMania". He then turned his eyes off Edge but followed the entrance once again.

Randy Oton had all back memories on the line and lastly he told Edge to go Backlash matches that they had once. Randy Orton challenged him by saying that "If you've got the guts, it'll be Edge vs. Randy Orton in a straight-up wrestling match."

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