WWE Backlash 2020: Asuka retains her Raw Woman's championship

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jun 15, 2020
WWE Backlash 2020: Asuka retains her Raw Woman's championship
Welcome to Anfostar, it was a Raw Woman's Championship match between Asuka and Nia Jax in which Asuka defeated Nia via Double Count-out and retain the championship.

Nia Jax walking into the ring to have her matchup against Asuka, She entered the ring. Asuka also followed the way to the ring.

The bail rang, Nia for the shot but Asuka would duck for the attack from behind, it went for a little as Jaz landed a big right hand, she went some shots, Asuka with a submission lock on Nia but Jax wold make it failure dropping her through the ring, Nia tossed Asuka on the ring, and beating her up onto the ground, Nia with big Slam for the cover, 1, 2...she kicked out. Nia Jax with Spine Buster for the cover but could not snatch the victory Nia with some shots on Asuka and had a tight grip, Asuka turned into a clutch, Nia Jax broke the clutch and had a massive drope.

Asusa fired back with back to back moves, she went onto the top rope for and took down Nia, She went for hip attack, for the cover but kicked out at two, Asuka looked to make another move but Nia with grip and launched her for the Powerslam for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out. Now Asuka back into the match and sent her out of the ring, Asuka followed the Asuka Lockout of the ring.

Nia Jax was able to break the lock, they brawl out of the ring as we went for the referee counts. He called out the match with Asuka as the Double Count-out winner.

Winner : Asuka, victory followed by Double Count-out.

After the match, Asuka did stop her as she launched herself on Nia with a Hip Attack to take her down.

Image Credit: WWE

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