WWE Backlash: Edge Vs. Randy Orton Full Recap, Randy Orton Picks Up The Victory

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jun 15, 2020
WWE Backlash: Edge Vs. Randy Orton Full Recap, Randy Orton Picks Up The Victory
The OMG match!!! it was more than just what we expected earlier. They did everything to make the victory but failed at each step. Finally, Randy Orton made the triumph over Edge as we predicted.

We went back into the ring with Randy Orton into the ring to face off Edge, Randy entered the ring. Edge followed the entrance.

They both were introduced by MSG as it screened there. The referee explained to them about the rules. The bail rang, Randy Orton stomped Edge into the ring. They back again with a hand lock, they both went for the arm drop. Back to normal, Edge took down Randy in the lock, now Randy with the lock around the neck of Edge, He tried to get out of it, and he made it finally, Randy was trying to be quicker then Edge. Edge tried to slow down the momentum with a grip, Edge himself sent out of the ring as Randy waited him in. Edge at the apron and back into the ring.

Randy with some shots and tried to send him through the turnbuckle but Edge would make his way out of the ring, Edge launched Randy Orton into the ring post and got him back into the ring. Edge with Armbreaker on Randy Orton, Edge continued to cause punishment on Randy with the grip he was carrying.

THe match was getting intense as both the superstars were putting everything they had. A Stomp by Randy Orton at the left leg of Edge, Randy took him into the other turnbuckle but this time Edge would send him out of the ring, Edge climbed at the top of the turnbuckle, Randy Orton did not let this happen as he too made his way atop to the ring, Edge sent him through the apron and launched a headbutt to Randy Orton, we saw Randy Orton started bleeding from the head. Edge continued to cause Randy Orton black and blue, Edge with a submission move. Randy Orton crawled to touch the bottom rope to break the hold. Now, Randy looked for the RKO but Randy save it.

Randy Orton with Neckbreaker to Edge and sent him out of the ring, Randy Orton ran rough on Edge sent him through the barricade, Commentary box and to the stairs, Randy Orton assaulted Edge on the commentary box. Randy Orton had something to say Edge as he said it in his ear. Randy made Edge into the ring for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out.

Randy Orton then continued to make the harm with some shots and then with Amrlock, Edge somehow back on his feet for a shot but did not let this have the end as Randy Orton once again back in the fight, Randy Orton with back to back Backdrop, Randy went for another Backdrop but this time Edge caught him to have the save Backdrops. They with the exchanges on chief shots while in the squat position.

Randy Orton with big Drope to send Edge tossing through the ring rope, Randy Orton sent Edge into the ring post, Randy brought Edge atop the ring post. Randy caught him from behind and had a Superplex on the ring. Randy went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Both the superstars with Upper body right into the mid-air. Edge connected with the kick to Randy, he followed the immediate top turnbuckle. Randy Orton tried to have DDT but Edge with a shocking move to take down Randy. Edge barley turned Randy for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out making everyone shocked. Edge with another Crossbody for the cover, once again Randy Orton kicked out leaving everyone shocked. Randy with sudden flip but Edge right after Edge would have submission move. Randy somehow got out of it and had Olympic Slam for the cover, Edge kicked out at two.

Edge with Powerbomb following the cover but could get the victory. Randy Orton dumped Edge out of the ring, Edge crawled back into the ring. Randy Orton caught Edge for DDT. Randy prepared for RKO to have landed on Edge but Edge denied it with having a backbreaker. Edge was measuring The Viper fo r the move, Randy tried to have RKO but Soon Edge would make his move for the cover, OMG!! Randy Orton kicked out.

The match went ultimate when Randy Orton drove Edge with Pedigree but Edge still was able to kick out. Randy Orton looked to have another movie, but instead got from Edge for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out. Backflip by Edge, Randy made the save with a massive Uppercut.

Randy for the DDT but could not connect this, Randy Orton, with RKO 1,2....another kick out from Edge. A nailbiting match between both the superstars. Randy Orton staring at Edge and looked to have the move but Edge would respond Randy with a Spear, Edge went for the another Spear for the cover but kicked out at two.

Randy Orton ducked the another move from Edge and had launched RKO but could not believe that Edge kicked out. Now, Edge with sudden Submission. This time Randy got out of it and had a massive kick to win the match.

Winner : Randy Orton, victory followed by pinfall

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