WWE Backlash: Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus Full Recap, Sheamus Wins

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jun 15, 2020
WWE Backlash: Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus Full Recap, Sheamus Wins
We went back into the ring as Jeff Hardy made his way up to the ring, he joined the ring and waited for Sheamus to come in. Sheamus also followed the way to the ring. Sheamus looked furious as he entered the ring. The bail rang and Jeff clapped for the hype, they met up, Sheamus took him down for the grip and took him into the turnbuckle trying to off the balance, Sheamus Chef shots to Jeff and had some trash-talking, Sheamus with a shot to take down Jeff, he swags jeff to the ring, but Jeff instead with knee attack to take down Sheamus, now Jeff started to have the savage on Sheamus, Jeff took Sheamus near to the ring rope as Sheamus hung on it.

Sheamus got furious and landed some shots, now, Sheamus took on Jeff Hardy but that went for a while as he sent Sheamus out of the ring, he followed him and launched flying move on Sheamus, he made Sheamus back into the ring, Jeff with steel stairs but dropped it on the call of crowds. He entered the ring where Sheamus dropped him onto the turnbuckle, Sheamus with a Drop, and went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Sheamus with humiliations on Jeff as he swung at the ring rope, Sheamus with Neckbreaker and went for the cover but kicked out at, Jeff tried to hype up but soon got he knee kick to take him down, Sheamus was taking the offense on Cole and Corey.

Jeff tried to fight back up into the match but Sheamus with another drop to take down Jeff, he went on the top of the ring to lauch the move, Jeff ducked the move and had his own jump from the top of the ring post, Jeff Hardy with his move and went for the cover but Sheamus kicked out, Sheamus with a quick roll-up, Jeff made it failed and followed the Slingblad, Jeff on the top rope but Sheamus capitalized Jeff, they had a brawl at the top, Hardy dropped and had a jump from there but Sheamus would duck to make the save, Sheamus with Backbreaker for the cover, 1, 2...kicked out.

Sheamus learned that Jeff had an injured knee and he started to make the offense on it. Sheamus with submission move, Jeff somehow touched the bottom rope to break the submission, Sheamus had some shots as Jeff laid down on the apron.

Sheamus with chop shots on Jeff's chest, Sheamus took Jeff on his shoulders trying to send him into the turnbuckle but this time Jeff would send him into the turnbuckle, Jeff atop and launched for the move, Jeff with the cover, 1, 2, Sheamus laid his leg on the middle rope to break the cover, Jeff Hardy sent him out of the ring, Jeff went for the high risk walking upon the top of the apron, but Sheamus would have Brogue kick. Sheamus took him into the ring and followed the another Brogue Kick for the cover, 1,2,3 and won the match.

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