WWE Backstage | Becky Lynch Joins Backstage Along With CM Punk And Paige

Anfostar Team Wed Jan 22, 2020
WWE Backstage | Becky Lynch Joins Backstage Along With CM Punk And Paige
Welcome to Anfostar_The Backstage kicked off with the special guest Becky Lynch. It was Royal Rumble go-home show that revealed the serval facts and answers. Becky Lynch had her answer when she was asked about the women's elevation, On Backstage Becky Lynch said she would like to see the terms women's division and men's division no longer be stated in order to help elevate the women and further represent equality in WWE.

CM Punk on who does CM Punk think should win the Royal Rumble?

His answer went with Real Keith, he was supposed to answer that he thinks different and according to his perspective Real Keith should win the Royal Rumble based on his tremendous performance at Survivor Series, and he'd, to me is a big fish and, a little pond, not to say the NXT is little by, any mean, but he needs to follow up with stuff like this you struck with Roman Reigns and it's really a big thing and he should win the Royal Rumble.

To make it a sense and sentiments Keith took it to twitter to share his privilege of meeting CM Punk, He said Hmm...should I ever the privilege of meeting Mr. Punk, I shall be certain to express my gratitude. The sentiment is most appreciated

According to the Paige opinion Kairi Sane is the one who she thinks should win the Royal Rumble

Punk was asked which match he was most proud of and preferred to choose his 2013 match against John Cena in 2013. He said when he knew that Winner got the shot for The Rock at WrestleMania, Becky is stirring here talking about chips on her shoulder, being hot and being gold. Micael Jordan had the flu game, I had the flu match. I was definitely ill, feeling like I ran a marathon. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. John is like what you want to do? I want to give you a pile driver John.

That's all we had. We went out there. and I think certainly helped us because so that, I was really hard to care. They made me care. CM mentioned that he was sick as a dog, and found it tough to care about at first. He said John was "one of the best dance partners I had," the crowd picked him up, and Cena let him do a piledriver, so it changed his mindset. Paige picked AJ Lee at SummerSlam in 2014. Lynch went with her 2019 Hell in a Cell Match against Sasha Banks, also Last Woman Standing against Charlotte at WWE Evolution.

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