WWE Backstage Live Coverage, WrestleMania III Live On FS1

Jitendra Jangir Wed May 13, 2020
WWE Backstage Live Coverage, WrestleMania III Live On FS1
Starting off our WrestleMania3 Watch Party are: ReneeYoung, BookerT, Mark Henry, Jimmy Hart, and former 'Promo School contestant, Akbar Gbajabiamila!

Menwhile, the WrestleMania3 Watch Party Skylar Astin serenading the WrestleMania3 Watch Party with the most appropriate song for the occasion as you see the full clip below in the tweets.

The Former WCW Champion David Arquette, The Miz, Big Show, CM Punk, Paige and other superstars joined WrestleMania3 Watch Party.

Christian Cage noted on the recent Becky Lynch's announcement about her fragrancy "There's no title that will be as prestigious, and that will mean more than being a mom." Christian Cage said this.

Meanwhile, It was revealed that SmackDown hacker is possibly CM Punk who was seen in the same view as the hacker looks like from behind. You can the full clip below.

Stay sticky with Anfostar for more updates on WWE Backstage and WWWE.

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