WWE Backstage News | Charlotte Flair And CM Punk Joins WWE Backstage Next Week!

Anfostar Team Wed Feb 05, 2020
WWE Backstage News | Charlotte Flair And CM Punk Joins WWE Backstage Next Week!
Welcome to Anfostar_ As it first revealed on WWE Backstage lastest show that CM will be back on Backstage once against and for the first time ever The Queen and the 30-women's Royal Rumble Winner Charlotte Flair will be making her debut on WWE Backstage next week on Tuesday at 11e/10c.

Charlotte Flair is still looking for her WrestleMania opponent for the Championship match, although she came on Last Raw episode to tell her to regard of WrestleMania she once again did not respond to reveal her opponent. We saw "Following the announcement where Charlotte Flair was supposed to declare her WrestleMania opponent but she was confronted by NXT Women's Champion Rhea."

Ripley who came by the ring to challenge Charlotte Flair to a championship match WrestleMania but Charlotte Flair passed by her without responding her challenge and left off a WOO! on Rhea. Now it has made official that Charlotte Flair will return to her old house NXT to respond Rhea Ripley. She said well, everybody wants to know that how would she like to choose for WrestleMania. whether she chooses Raw women's champion Becky Lynch or SmackDown Women's champion Baley but she has beaten both of them and look, she is the 10-time champion.

Flair said she's held both titles multiple times and beaten both of the champions. She's actually held all Then she went on to say that who should she choose then. Fans chanted by mentioning Rhea Ripley. Charlotte said The Queen has a love for NXT, and NXT has a love for their Queen. Flair said she's held all the gold, 10 times, but The Queen still wants all the gold as Charlotte Flair went on to say meanwhile, she was interrupted by Rhea Ripley as she entered the ring.

Rhea Ripley said Flair did win the Women's Royal Rumble and now she gets to challenge for any title she wants at WrestleMania, and as she said, she's already beaten Becky and Bayley but do you know who you haven't beaten? Me. Ripley says if Flair is going to challenge for any title at WrestleMania, well..she dropped the mic.

Charlotte approached Rhea Ripley and looked her from the very near but she did not notice too much at Rhea as she passed by the ring without having a response to Rhea Ripley, Ripley laughed as Flair exits the ring without saying anything back. Charlotte Flair stopped on the ramp by turning back and made a Wooo! to Rhea Ripley. Then she went out of the apron.

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