WWE Backstage News | Ember Moon and Alexa Bliss reply to critics backstage

Anfostar Team Wed Dec 18, 2019
WWE Backstage News | Ember Moon and Alexa Bliss reply to critics backstage
One of the critics tweeted making a question on Ember Moon, For me, the ember moon never saw the apple for her. Think her mic skills are bad and her in-ring action are sloppy On replying the critic she said I have been working in WWE for 14 years and I have traveled the world, it's none of your business to think about me I am out here to live my dream, I am out here to support my family.

Next, we got to see a new tweet that was done for Alexa Bliss who is currently performing with Nikki Cross as making the tag. Cretic took down that Alexa sucks...she is awful...She is not a good wrestler... She is just a pretty face.

So As To turn herself in the electrifying reply she mentioned that she has won multi-national titles and youngest wrestler ever to pro card has done the job very perfectly in my entire WWE career. She further mentioned making a satirical to cretics, it's very easy to say a thing sitting out but I am gymnastic and I spend my time in the gym and kickboxing for a long time that's what proves me who I am!! Further moon threw a question for Alexa about women's tag-team division and her partnership with Nikki Cross," which she referred an odd tag-team that, just, somehow works." She said had the best blessing around the world and we used to travel together and I am super happy!!!

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