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WWE Backstage News | Greg Miller Puts His Words For Xavier Woods

Updated On: Wed Feb 05, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Anostar_WWE Backstage brought 'Promo Schoo which was hosted by Greg Miller, during the WWWE Backstage show we listened Greg Miller putting some words on Xavier Woods saying that "I'm the one carrying the show on MY BACK like TrueKofi carries you every week" -Game Over Greggy to Xavier Woods on 'Promo School'

Renee Young was there who offered him to start the Promo School, he kicked off the things by dragging Xavier into the matter_It's Xavier Woods, or shall I call you, Austin Cream, or shall I call by the real name? The worst part of The New Day_He further went on to say that It's me, Greg Miller invited you on 2015 in my E3 and what did you do, you came in and talked about Games, you talked about how cool I was, you wanted to befriend, and then you did what you do best, You still form the, You still from everybody.

You took my subs, You took my industry contacts. you took everything that matter I thought I could beliving you for one 2nd when invited me, to be part of the WWE sports challenge, and what happened you still have the credit he said "I'm the one carrying the show on MY BACK like Kofi carries you every week"

He also took his twitter to share the moments that he spent on WWE Bacstage_he said_"Thank you all for the kind words on my Promo School segment on #WWEBackstage; this is a dream come true — getting to cut a WWE promo on WWE TV? Insanity. Wish I could tell Gruesome Greggy when he was winning his first BYWF Championship that this was the path he was on".

Below you can check out the full tweet.

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