WWE Breaking News | Lacy Evans joins 'A Moment of Bliss' with the host Alexa Bliss

Anfostar Team Fri Dec 27, 2019
WWE Breaking News | Lacy Evans joins  'A Moment of Bliss'  with the host Alexa Bliss
As first reported on WWE, This Friday Night SmackDown get ready to listen about what Lacey has to say about much-controversial rivalry between Sashaa Banks and Lacy because A Moment of Bliss” returns on Friday Night SmackDown and Lacey Evans will be joined with the host Alexa Bliss "on the always controversial talk show" in order to assert a message for SmackDown women's champion Bayley and Sasha Banks.

The most recent feud was waged off between Evans and Banks when last week The Boss taunted The Lady’s daughter with a little ringside trash talk. the rivalry started getting intense by the time of last week when Dana Brooke has the challenge accepted from Bayley on SmackDown live. However, Dana got an instant defeat by Bayley but later they had a bunch of buzz for each other which set a rematch Bayley between and Dana Brooke

Later on the SmackDown night Bayley defeated Dana Brooke and She she started beating Dana Brook along with Sasha Banks which brought another dispute by the entrance of Lacey Evans in order to protect Dana. Meanwhile, Lacey challenged Sasha Banks, although the match Fell on the double count but Sasha Banks tried to humiliate Lacey in front of her daughter who was getting angry at Sasha Banks. In fact, the matter was sorted out that time but later Sasha took her tweeter to taunt Lacey's daughter she replied Lacey Evans "looks like your daughter still needs to learn some manners but the good news is she’ll need a new momma once I’m done with you."

Will she have strong message to confess about Sasha Banks and Bayley or it will fix a match?

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