WWE Confirms Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus At WWE Backlash

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 06, 2020
WWE Confirms Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus At WWE Backlash
It will be Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus at WWW Backlash after what we witnessed during tonight's Friday Night SmackDown.

Both the superstars are feuding with a long time on the line and now they have finally got things turned up to settle the score at WWE Backlash. We made the prediction that they both will collide at WWE Backlash and now it's official!.

We kicked off SmackDown with Jeff Hardy in the ring to explain the last night matter. He said "let me thank you first WWE Universe to give me the chance to get off my chest. Hardy said everyone witnessed something awful last week, the show was thrown into chaos, and a very good man, Elias, walked away with serious injuries that could be worse. he pulled up to the Performance Center parking lot, excited for the show, and got out of the car but was then hit with something big.

It was dark and when he came to, police were everywhere, he reeked of alcohol, he was out of it and in trouble with the law. Hardy said it's good to know he's on this path alone. He knew deep in his heart that he didn't slip last week. He addressed Sheamus and says he will be damned if he lets Sheamus get away with what he did. The music hits and out comes Sheamus to some boos.

He was faced by Sheamus, He said Hardy has been blaming others for his problems all his life. Sheamus goes on and accuses Hardy's fans of lying to the police. He says they are enablers.

Jeff Hardy rushed towards Sheamus to take the hits, Sheamus with Brague but Jeff ducked to make it fail, Jeff exploded with back to back hits, soon after Sheamus would have his Brague to take down Jeff. He then continued to explode Jeff here and there.

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Image Credit: WWE

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