WWE Considers For Matt Riddle Vs. King Corbin Match, Corbin Upset Over The Plan

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 27, 2020
WWE Considers For Matt Riddle Vs. King Corbin Match, Corbin Upset Over The Plan
WWE is currently planning to move forward with Matt Riddle Vs. Baron Corbin during the trend of WWE Extreme Rules.

Matt Riddle made his SmackDown debut on June 19, 2020, booking an incredible and memorable impute over IC Champion AJ Styles. SportsKeeda's Gary Cassidy reported that while WWE is on the plan for a Matt Riddle vs Baron Corbin rivalry going forward, Corbin only recently found out about those plans and wasn't too happy with them.

According to the report, Matt should pass 5 enhancement talents before facing him. Both the superstars also have some past history minding us back to 2020 Royal Rumble and 2019 Survivor Series, in the both the events Baron Corbin was the one who caused the elimination for Matt Riddle.

Last night on SmackDown we witnessed Baron Corbin presenting unlikable words for The Undertaker just after the re-airing of Boneyard match. This surely had enraged Jeff Hardy to take the action against Baron Corbin. They both were scheduled for a match later on the same night in the main event of SmackDown. Jeff Hardy was capable of catching the victory over Baron Corbin.

After the match, Corbin Suddenly attacked Jeff from behind, Kofi entered the ring to make the save but Corbin took him too out. Big E entered the ring, He took Corbin on his shoulder for Big ending, Jeff called on Braun Strowman into the ring, Braun Stowrman with Powerslam to Corbin, and then Jeff Hardy waved towards Matt Riddle to come into the ring, Matt Riddl up to the top rope for Bro move. That's how SmackDown took the ending.

Now, this is being rumored that WWE is planning to walk with a match between these both the superstars. Reportedly they both are scheduled for 2020 Extreme Rules.

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